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[edit] Catliver

A somewhat well known test pilot of the Federation Battle Trainer (FBT) programme.

тут вот еще круче. людоед приглашает к столу. Beogradski "Kurir" objavljuje ievtrnju sa hrvatskim generalom Antom Gotovinom, datu posle oslobađajuće presude u Hagu, u kome je izjavljuje da proterani Srbi "treba da se vrate u Hrvatsku, jer je to njihova domovina".

[edit] Dave Angel

Extract from the inter-stellar star pilot registry:

"Dave Angel, currently seen lugging cargo from one sector to another used to be a long standing member of the triad, heavly involved in the Technocracy conflict left to become one of the founding members of the overt 'Red Cell' unit.

He can often be found in his starbase, the Milan Manderic sited in the Rashkir home sector, bidling his time before he returns to a fighter."

[edit] Dmitriy

"Though I'm not very old pardusian in current epoch (but considering the Scattering I'm very old) all time I tried to be in areas where future of entire Pardus can be decided, where mighty alliances fight and millions of credits are gone in few days... and where information and knowledge can be found. It's all for my intelligence and political work. Currently I'm Senator of Phoenix Republic, as well as Centurion of Ruby Legion Exploration Cohors (it's easy to understand meaning of "exploration"... :) My story started long ago, when nobody named world around us Pardus... when "Pardus" weaponry was not a myth, just a new research project, and when terrible events happened changing the whole universe."

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[edit] Drokoal

Drokoal was born on a trade vessel in orbit around Keldon 1, both his mother and father where killed in a telerobbing incident a year latter at Keldon 1. The telerobber's signature was never found. After a brief search, of the ship after the incident imperial forces found Drokoal, and he basically grew up on the imperial command base at keldon 1. Drokoal eventually joined the Imperial ranks, doing mostly trade runs for them but unofficially acting as an elite spy.

[edit] gambit

Gambit is one of the most regarded botanists throughout all of the inhabited clusters. His studies of flowers, herbs and trees has taken him to a numerous amount of different planets and by some he is even considered a modern version of the famous human botanist Carl von Liné, a man who travelled earth and started to charter its entire flora long before the discovery of rocketry, eons before the warp drive.

Although there is a great difference between the two of them; gambit has decided to also include animal life, and this is a pretty logical step when some planets contain species that are hybrids.

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Dear pak Rendra, per januari 2012 NHK teoainmtrr Starbase Rp. 360.000,- + GRATIS 1 parfum helm senilai Rp. 15.000,- Kami mohon maaf bila harga tidak tercantum karena umumnya promo kami sll berubah ubah dengan penawaran yang selalu menarik dan worthed untuk dibeli ^^ Terima kasih ^^ have a great day!

[edit] Okami

"When I think back of this young pilot in his early twenties, there's nothing special at all that comes to mind. Being a promising young federation pilot, Okami found himself and nice job at a trade alliance called 'The Triad'..."

[edit] Scithas Tor

"I do not know much of Scithas Tor other than his great interest in the good of the Federation. He is a lover of peace, but I don't think he'd hesitate to resolve to violence if it was necessary to protect his home sectors as well as the rest of the Federation."


[edit] Shael'kut

"The search for my own past has made me develop a great interest of history as well as myths and legends. I founded The Chronicles to try and recreate The Pardusian Archives, once the greatest source of information and historical documents in our galaxy, lost during the great conflict."

Yes! ada beberapa cara mudah mmneeukan kami a.l:1. tanyakan ke satpam, toko helm di lantai 1 blok C 151 1542. telp kami di 021-99997163 bila sudah sampai di mangga 2 squareciri toko kami adalah dari luar sudah terlihat banyak helm dipajang, dengan jaket2 motor yang digantung, dan setau saya toko helm di m2s hanya kami saja pak jadi seharusnya mudah ditemukan. Dekat dengan raja elektronik lantai 1. Bila anda sudah ketemu dengan toko kamera pengintai di lantai 1, itu berarti sudah dekat dengan toko helm kami. Thanks!

[edit] Var Amil

Var Amil is a slightly nutty, philanthropist freelancer (sometimes/mostly pirate), and sometimes fields some research into planetary history. When he is not raiding, he is debating with history with eccentric, out of times, professors, or feeding his pet leech, Sucker.

[edit] Codex Delphi

Codex Delphi, from Vega, was perhaps born under a bad moon, or ash heap. Over the years he worked as at the Vegan Mystery Pizza Parlor and Wedding Chapel as a bus boy. He would steal tips and hide the credits in his underwear, since no one would ever search there. And then would squirrel the money away in a hole in the wall. And after years and years of this he had a grand total of 27 credits. Tips were never good at the Chapel.

So he took a job at the Pewter Star Nursing Home. There was one old 234 year old witch there that Codex would have to hose down every day and scrub her bunions. She never appreciated it and was scornful and vindictive. Her family would come once every year and were as evil and nasty. The old hag did buy lottery tickets. And one day she found that she had won 25 000 credits. She died screaming. Before the nurses could make it to the room Codex scooped up the ticket and left in the rush of nurses and administrators, seemed they wanted to throw a party.

Codex had spent all those years struggling and now he had snuck out with a prize. Luckily there was a used Saber Emporium next to the lottery office. At first he named his Saber "Polynesia", but after some recent episodes donned his space suit to scratch out that name and painted the new bold moniker on his tub .."Broke & Stupid", and then realized that perhaps that wouldn't get through the registry and changed it to Kadiddlehopper, a bumpkin character from the earth comedian Red Skelton. But more on that later.

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