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Mayor of Springfield is Kept in Office by the Decision of Judge Harris


Contest Case is Decided Today - Scott Not Guilty of Violating the Law

The "drys" of Springfield won their third victory in court since the election on November 4, when Judge Harris of the circut court, decided this forenoon that Charles L Scott, whose office was contested by the "wets" shall retain his seat.

Judge Harris has handed down no written decision, but gave an oral decree as he did in the case against Councilman J.W. Coffin just a week ago. He dismissed the proceedings against Scott and declared that he was entitled to the office.

In giving his decision Judge Harris declared he had found that Mayor Scott had not been guilty of violating the corrupt practices act in any way, but criticised the "drys," as he did in deciding the Coffin case, for having sent for Tom Kay, the detective, and his assistants, instead of appealing to the sheriff's office whn was deemed expedient to enforce what they believed to be the law in regard to the qualification of voters. The judge said that there was no doubt that this action engendered much bad feelings.

In regard to the sandwiches which Mayor Scott took to the polling place on the day of election, Judge Harris held that this was in no way a violation of the corrupt practices act, but that the mayor took them merely as an accommodation to the judges and clerks of election and not to influence any votes.

The first victory won by the prohibition forces in court was when Judge Harris denied the petition enjoin the county court from declaring the result of the local option election, the second was last Saturday afternoon when he declared that Councilman J.W. Coffin was entitled to retain his office and the third is in seating Mayor Scott. While the "wets" declare that they will appeal to the supreme court, the "drys" declare that there is little chance for a revival of the decision of the lower court and feel secure in their victories. The city of Springfield is now "dry" and the prohibition adherents declare that it shall never again become "wet."

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