From Lane Co Oregon

>> if one is allowed to iahbnit their land in a motorhome>> or rvIf you're lucky, AND you pay out the nose, AND you claim a medical necessity, you just MIGHT get a permit to do that. Assuming of course that the place already has a septic (several thousand dollars just for exploration and permits) and a well (can easily run 10k). Spring? Ha, good luck legally taking water from one!Western Oregon, especially Lane, is about the worst place in the world to build or squat or camp which is too bad, because it's BEAUTIFUL. Don't even bother visiting a rural property with no permitted house unless you're prepared to drop tens of thousands of dollars in cash before starting work. And if it's zoned anything to do with forest or farm well, prepare for several years of hellish bureaucracy and expense, at the end of which they may simply say Sorry, not buildable

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