Hills, Sophrona P

From Lane Co Oregon

Sophrona was born to Samuel Bates Briggs (1805-1872) and Susannah S. (Phillips) Briggs on August 28 1828 in Athens, Ohio.

Cornelius J Hills married in Ft Madison, Iowa, February 19, 1851, Sophrona P. Briggs and came back to Springfield. They have seven children, viz: Henrietta, Jessie, Jasper B., John A., Sheridan P., Joel S., and Elijah.

"Illustrated History of Lane County, Oregon." Portland, Oregon: A. G. Walling, publisher, 1884. pg. 490.

One daughter is not listed within the article, Mary Susannah Powers was born on April 3 1852 in Jasper, Lane County, Oregon. She died January 25 in 1929 in Jasper, Oregon. She married Thaddeus P. Powers on 21 Nov 1868 in , Lane, Oregon.

Cornelius Hills died October 6, 1898 and was buried in Mt. Vernon Pioneer Cemetery. His wife was later buried next to him. She died July 19, 1908.

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