Grants Pass Mayor OKs Game Bet

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Grants Pass Mayor OKs Game Bet

Somebody has a long walk coming up after Springfield meets Grants Pass in a state A-1 high school football tournament game Friday night.

Springfield Mayor John McCulley has issued a challenge to his Grants Pass counterpart, D.W. Gillespie, that the loser walk down the winner's Main Street carrying a sign around his neck with the game score on it.

Springfield's street is eight miles long, while Grants Pass main street is six miles.

Each mayor is confident that he will get to watch the other walk. "We've got a good team, I think we'll do it," McCulley said.

Gillespie was even more emphatic. "I'd be glad to accept any reasonable challenge the mayor wants to make," he said. "We've even had other mayors in jail here on football bets."

[edit] Mayor McCulley Eyes Long Walk

Springfield Mayor John McCulley has been invited to take this six-mile walk down the main street of Grants Pass Friday to pay off a football bet.

McCulley will carry a sign with the score of the Springfield Grants Pass football game as a result of a bet he made last week with Grants Pass Mayor D.W. Gillespie. Grants Pass won the game 14-7.

McCulley said in addition to being asked to pay off the bet, he has been invited to dinner and to Friday night's game between South Salem and Grants Pass.

But McCulley is wondering if Gillespie knew something in advance. He issued the invitations before the Springfield-Grants Pass game.

[edit] Mayor Pays Bet- Sort of

Grants Pass (Special)- Springfield Mayor John McCulley paid off a football bet- after a fashion - here Friday.

McCulley had wagered with Grants Pass Mayor Bill Gillespie on the outcome of the Springfield-Grants Pass high school football playoff game a week ago.

The loser was to "walk the main street" of the winner's city, carrying a sign giving the score of the game. The main street in Grants Pass is six miles long. Springfield's measures eight miles.

Grants Pass won the football game, 14-7.

McCulley came to Grants Pass to pay off the debt Friday in "walking the main street" of Grants Pass he took bout a dozen steps for the benefit of a photographer. But, sign in hand, McCulley later circled the Grants Pass stadium prior to the Grants Pass-South Salem playoff game.

[edit] Mayor Sets SHS Salute

By proclamation Mayor John McCulley has designated Friday as Springfield High School Day.

The proclamation noted that the school "has compiled a fine inter-scholastic football season record and represented the district at the state quarter-final game on Nov. 10 and exemplified the highest standard of sportsmanship."

It urged all citizens to recognize the "outstanding athletic accomplishment" and to lend all active support to the future success of the school.

Friday will be a special day for the mayor, too. To pay off a bet with Grants Pass officials, he will walk around the Grants Pass football field during pre-game activities before the Cavemen-South Salem semi-final game, carrying a sign listing the 14-7 score of the Grants Pass-Springfield quarterfinal game last weekend.

He will be accompanied in his walk by Bob Smith, manager of the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce.

The rest of the day will be more pleasant. The local pair are scheduled to be guests of Grants Pass Mayor D.W. Gillespie at dinner and at the Friday night game. McCulley is scheduled to play a round of golf Friday afternoon with Gillespie, and Smith has been invited on a Steelhead fishing trip by the Grants Pass Chamber of Commerce manager.

"I guess I was the only winner in Springfield as a result of the game," the mayor quipped.

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