Church of Christ (Elmira)

From Lane Co Oregon

These four congregations, Fir Grove, Oak Hill, Antioch and Fairview, were the nucleus for the new congregation forming at Elmira. Add to that some from the Alvadore congregation. We will consider Alvadore after Elmira.

Most of the names on the original handwritten list of contributors to the Elmira building were from one of these five congregations. In all, there were 34 families that combined funds to build the new building. The smallest contribution from a family was $1 and the largest was $50. For comparison, the itinerant preachers were paid $6 per Sunday.

Early Ministers:

( S. M.? ) Martin 1897

W. T. Matlock 1899

E. W. Jordan 1900

The congregation was officially formed January 6, 1896 and cast ballots for the following officers: Three elders, two deacons, two trustees and one clerk. The church opened on its very first day with an evangelistic meeting by A.D. Skaggs. Evidently they were taking full advantage of their new building.

During another evangelistic meeting held in 1900 by "Brother Lister," there were 27 added. (Lister is probably John B. Lister.) In 1904 in yet another evangelistic meeting, 47 were added.

Special Gospel Meetings: About 9 out of 10 additions were by immersion, the rest were by transfer from another congregation.

1900 John B. Lister 27 added

1904 ? Olson 47 added

1929 Archie Word 69 added

Church notes show that Archie Word held a meeting in 1929 and 69 people were added. A note from 1941 shows that when Marion Horn was minister there, a pack rat carried off his dentures and the church replaced them. So the preacher didn't loose his bite!

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