From Environmental Technology

Read Clean fuels: an overview, then answer the following questions.

1) What is a common disadvantage of switching to clean fuels for vehicles?

2) What is the most overwhelming common advantage of switching to clean fuels?

3) Does this article really answer whether clean fuels are feasible?

Read about alternative fuels at the AFDC. Pay close attention to the section Compare Alternative Fuel Properties, then answer the following questions:

4) List the fuels on the Comparison chart by octane rating, from lowest to highest:

5) Which alternative fuel has the most diversity to date for types of vehicles?

6) Rank the all the fuels on the chart by their energy content from highest to lowest:

7) Gaging by the chart, what seems to be the safest fuel?

8) Do you have any way of gaging whether this chart was accurate or not? How would you go about finding out if it is true or not?

*Also read Alternative Fuel Driver Training: Companion Manual for Monday.

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