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Course at John A. Logan College

PHS 101 -- Environmental Technology......................3 credits

Course Description

A consumer-user course oriented toward the economics and wise use of man's energy and machines; various up-to-the-minute scientific topics will be discussed; scientific versus environmental trade-offs will be analyzed.


Steve McDonald

Coursework sources

Internet news sources - CNN, MSNBC, Reuters, AP, BBC, etc.

Raven, P. H., and L. R. Berg, Environment 5th ed., 597: John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 2006.

About this wiki ...

This is currently in its infancy and test and setup stage, this site will in the near future be residence to work done by students for a portion of their grade. Spelling optional...

Some definitions of...

Environmental technology is the subset of technologies concerned with preserving the natural environment by recycling waste products produced by human activities.

Environmental technology is a career field that incorporates the principles of science, engineering, and communication to protect and enhance the safety and health of people and the environment.

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