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Bonus points, essay question, length = 1 page each for 20pts

Choose 1 question and read the related article. Answer online or turn in any class session by Friday May 5. (Be sure to put the question number at the top, and use the article for reference.)

1 ) Discuss the article; Motoring body backs alternative fuels.

2 ) Discuss the article; Alternative energy pushed by senator

3 ) Discuss the article; Rising gas prices hit cities, school districts

4 ) Discuss the article; Alternative investing

5 ) Discuss the article; FTCR: Exxon's Pennies for Environment on Earth Day: $400 Million for Retiring Chief, $10 Million for Alternative Energy Research

6 ) Discuss the article; Sweden goes for green as Nordics mull energy future

7 ) Discuss the article; ALTERNATIVE ENERGY: Harnessing sun could help power Michigan

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