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Peace is what will happen when the War ends... I hope. Stupid catkin and their cycle of vengeance...


Theories on Peace:

Destruction of All Opposition

This theory (popular in Felina) holds that Peace will occur once all those who oppose the catkin, especially those of them who follow Bast, have been obliterated.

Thermonuclear Apocalypse:

This school of thought is widely held by Junkers from other universes who become possessed by weapons spirits, who believe that Peace will become obtainable only when the planet is rent asunder by a blazing white fireball rivalling the Sun itself. Afterwards, there will be no more war, no more conflict, no more pain and suffering.

Cult of Kraggi:

One of the central tenets of the Cult of Kraggi is that Peace will occur when Kraggi rises from the dead, to deliver happy-fun-death to all those who would oppose him, and to grant hugs to the world leaders who were once his enemies, thus befriending them. Opponents of the cult are fond of pointing out that Sanje (the god who traditionally animated the dead on Kraggi's behalf) is dead, and that even if he weren't he only animates those whose spines aren't severed: and Kraggi's decapitation and the subsequent consumption of his head renders his resurrection impossible. The Cult of Kraggi usually responds to these arguments by throwing food at them and making crude pelvic motions.

The Pessimistic School of Thought:

Pessimists claim that Peace is an impossible ideal, and will never occur because the involved parties are too caught up in the cycle of retribution to stop the needless bloodshed. Peace, they claim, will never come.

The Optimistic School of Thought:

Optimists claim that Peace will never come, because War! is far too fun an RP for the players to let it die.

The Pacifistic School of Thought:

Pacifists are proponents of achieving Peace via nonviolence. Needless to say, they tend to die in droves when they are forced to interact with the rest of the universe.

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