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A new RP proposed by VOR, in which players take the role of the villains of the piece rather than the heroes.




I wanted a large city with cold winters and access to the ocean. I also did NOT want New York. Thus, I've chosen Boston as our location. I have no idea what Boston's like, but luckily this Boston shares only its location on the coast with the real Boston. It's got a nice bay, naturally rapid weather changes which let me have the weather be whatever's most dramatic, and a core of wealthy homes and businesses and enough lower-class households at the edges for easy hunting. It's also got some shiny cylindrical skyscrapers on it skyline for our more corporate villains to stand at offices at the top of and look out over their domains.
It's a pretty liberal town. If you go around carrying...oh, I dunno...holy symbols Loki, for instance, nobody's gonna look at you funny unless you're acting strange. Catholicism is the biggest religion due in part to the city's Irish population, but those of minority religions are just as likely to be accepted.
Yes, real-world religions exist, and yes, you can talk to those spirits too. As bad guys, you should know that wandering into a church followed by your demonic minions is a Bad Idea. You can summon an angel up and bind it to your service if you want, but watch out or you'll piss them off. Unlike demons and most spirits, angels tend to stick together and help each other out. They also occasionally go to battle with each other over points of dogma: just because they all obey a really powerful spirit who claims monotheism doesn't mean that they all follow the SAME really powerful spirit. And no, most of 'em have never met their God.
Ancient religions that're dead in our world are still going strong, too. The ancient greek pantheon is much weaker than it used to be, but they still watch over Greece. The Egyptian pantheon is currently at war with Allah's servants in the Middle East (there's ALWAYS war in the Middle East). The Norse pantheon is still worshipped in northwestern Europe, and they've got a wary truce with Christianity which involves a mutual defense pact (we'll help you fight the Giants if you help us fight the Devil). North America was succesfully colonized by Europeans, but the Native Americans (and plenty of other tribal societies all over the world, for that matter) still have the protection of their spirits and deities. There are fewer casinos than in our world.
Boston is a hotspot for biotechnology, and some of the local companies are nearing the ability to clone organs efficiently enough to actually make a profit. There's a lot of factory work and fabrication on the fringes of the city, and a big tourist industry due to the place's historical significance as 'the birth of the American Revolution'.

Magic & Technology

The psuedonatural/Far Realms stuff exists, but it's in a highly outlawed role. Contact with the Far Realms is strictly illegal, and worship of the Old Gods (the ones with tentacles who wanna eat you) is carried on only in secret. Your dragon should probably have an alternate form, CC, or it's gonna have the FBI (Freaky Being...inseminators? No...Investigators? No...incapacitators, inconveniencers, INCINERATORS! That's it!) on its tail.
Now, the setting. First off, magic is common enough and well-understood enough that it's legislated and studied scientifically. There are several types of magic, but the most common involves complex occult rituals that attract the attention and favor of the spirits you're trying to convince to do things. This branch of magic is very formal and ritualized (unless you're trying to impress something from the Far Realm), and can be learned by anyone willing to put in the time and the energy. Learning it well enough to do it WELL, though, is about as easy as learning astrophysics well. Most people know simple little rituals that unscrew stripped screws or protect their homes from Gremlins or perform extremely minor (cuts n' bruises) first aid. If they want to do more than that, they call a specialist. Plumbers work with the same tools as real-world plumbers, but the good ones are on speaking terms with several Garbage Spirits and maybe a Water Spirit or two, who they can use more complex and specialized rituals and tools to summon and bind temporarily to service. Most magitech operates by binding spirits of some appropriate sort into whatever item is being used. Most cars use minor lightning spirits as an ignition source, for instance.
Ritual magic can be bound into runes or objects, allowing for quick use of a pre-performed ritual. If it takes three days to summon the nightmare-spirit Grizdulagri, you can perform the ritual and then bind its effect to a rune or a candle or a stapler or a hair you lick and place on your doorjamb. When the rune is read or the candle lit or the stapler runs out of staples or the hair is disturbed, the ritual is completed and Grizdulagri will show up and perform the duties required by the ritual.
Making repeat-use items is a more involved process because you have to bind the appropriate magical being INTO whatever item you're enchanting. More powerful enchantments take longer/are more expensive. Pretty simple, there.
Innate or 'Psychic' powers are much rarer, and usually result from a pact with a powerful spirit or from a spirit as an ancestor. I note that quite a few of you have mind-control capabilities. For some of you those abilities might be a result of a pact with a demon (a catch-all 'evil spirit' category, for purposes of this game) or a powerful spirit inhabiting an asylum or a law office. For some of you, the abilities might be your inheritance as the descendant of a spirit of some sort. That could work well for you, Amon, if your character's grandparent was a spirit, it sometimes skips a generation. For some of you, you ARE spirits of some sort, and thus have innate magical powers.
Now, since I'm ruling magic is based on the control of spirits and not, as is common, on quasi-scientific manipulation of the laws of an alternate universe, I need to define spirits a bit. Spirits are nonphysical beings composed of magical energies. Most things, sentient or no, have spirits, and the aspects of the mortal realm over which spirits have control is based upon what kind of spirit they are. Spirits of nonliving things tend to haunt their own local areas: the spirit of a building rarely leaves its building, and concerns itself entirely with what goes on in the building. The spirit of a stretch of road might maliciously cause accidents or it might help travellers through smoothly and battle the efforts of the Pothole Spirit living with it. These actions are magical and rarely noticed unless seen by someone with the Sight (or specially treated glasses). Spirits can take on a corporeal form, but it takes a great deal of energy and attracts the attention of other local spirits, who might oppose what their now-physical enemy is doing, so they rarely choose to manifest themselves in this way. They do gain their strength from events in the physical world, though, so they'll show up if it's absolutely necessary to protect their interests.
For the record, gods are really REALLY powerful spirits, and generally don't recognize terrestrial governmental agencies. Some are more powerful in certain areas than others, but they're all more powerful than you. Summoning one, while it's possible and has been done before, is a BAD IDEA.
As a human being (or an alien), you have a spirit, but it's YOUR spirit and has no power over anything except you. Healing spells work by harnessing your spirit and using its innate magical energies to heal your body, so if you've just been healed your magical powers are going to be weaker. Nonexistent if you've healed critical injuries. Effectively, every living creature is a spirit taking a corporeal form on the mortal plane. Upon that creatures' death, its spirit (usually) continues to exist, and goes on to dwell in the realm of whatever spirit lords it served in life. Necromancy, a highly regulated field of magic, involves binding the souls of the dead or animating their bodies without souls. Usually the magical energy gained to perform the latter act is garnered by the destruction of the body's soul, though any soul will do. Necromancy is widely frowned upon, but it's legal to bind the dead if you are performing an autopsy and wish to gain firsthand testimony.
The spirts of planetary bodies (yes, there is a Gaia-spirit-thingy) can control gravity. Smaller bodies...not so much.
To answer your question, Teleros, it's possible to force a spirit out of a nonsentient (or even sentient) object. It's called an exorcism, and the exact manner in which it has to be performed varies depending on the spirit. Any given ER is gonna have an Exorcist on staff for the nastier cases, and most law enforcement agencies and prisons have a few as well.
Spirits can be killed by destroying their bodies while they've manifested in corporeal form (minor or medium spirits), or by destroying their spiritual bodies. This latter can be easily performed by anybody with the ability to interact with noncorporeal spirits (mostly other spirits), or by someone who's learned the proper ritual to destroy a spirit. You can ward spirits away from an area, preventing them from entering, or you can trap spirits in an area. These are magical rituals, but they can be accomplished by machines emitting the proper spiritual energies.
Some spirits, mostly spirits of some abstract deal or emotion, can be starved to death. If you take a Love spirit and then use magic to bind it in a dark room by itself, it will slowly wither out of existence, gradually growing weaker until it's simply not there anymore. If it's released in a weakened state, it's probably going to go on a feeding frenzy, of sorts, causing all the love it can as fast as it can to get back up to full strength. Same goes for Pain spirits or Fear spirits or what-have-you, but Love spirits are probably the hardest to do it to.

Character Bio Links

Six Degrees

Or, how characters know each other

  • Amon Star's character knows Teleros' character: the latter came to him for advice regarding the world he's on, as well as to sell what he had in order to get some money.
  • Cheez's character might do some freelance work for Amon Star's character. (Nothing that would adversely affect his boss, unless he was paid extra(read: bribed))
  • Cheez's and CCCM's characters are employed by Author-Man's character (Ivan Xaos) as 'bodyguards'.

Amon Star's Character

Name: Luther Robert Lambeth
Real Name: Geoff Howden
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Species: Human with Spirit ancestry
Height: 5' 11"
Eyes: Baby Blue
Hair: Bald

Powers: His main power is mind reading. He hears the thoughts of those around him as easily as he hears the words out of their mouths. This originally caused him problems, but he has since learned to filter out & control the ability. It works up to his normal hearing range.
He can also probe the recesses of some ones mind. This however requires time & either physical or eye-to-eye contact. Also, the victim feels like they are being violated & is aware of who's doing it.
He also has limited mind-control. However, it has the same restrictions as above & is no more potent than hypnosis, ie, he can't make them do anything that they REALLY don't want to.
Physically, he's in top condition. 20-20 vision, healthy, athletic, etc. He's not excessively strong or agile, he's just a good all-round specimen. Though he has to work at maintaining his condition, it doesn't come to hard for him.
Skills: Luther has very little combat training. He can probably fire a handgun at most. However, he has very good general knowledge. He knows a little bit of everything. This, combine with his telepathy, means he can hold his own in conversation on most topic.
Two areas of knowledge that he excels at are Finance & Law. He knows what to do with money & how to get away with it afterwards. He's also a qualified lawyer, but he only did this so he could defend himself if he ever went on trial.
History: Luther Robert Lambeth wasn't born with that name. He was born Geoff Howden & to poverty in some inner-city slum. He never knew his father, who was no don't one of his mother's clients. To her, he was just a bigger benefit cheque, as where his siblings. To him, his family was competition.
Desperate to escape his past, Geoff through himself into his school work. It being a rough school, this made him a target. Though always a healthy child, he has no stomach for violence. However, he soon learned that he could buy protection with his intelligence by doing the school work of the biggest bullies. To this day, he prefers manipulation to force.
His powers kicked in at Puberty. Suddenly hearing the thought of everyone around him was very disorientating at first. Luckily, he was spotted by a social worker that recognised the symptoms. He was enrolled into a special school that taught him how to control his gift, as well as offer him a better education. He was also placed with foster parents. That was another lessen for young Geoff right there. People would only help you if they thought you could be useful.
Life went a lot smoother until Geoff was 21. By then, he had acquired a good education, had a good job lined up & had saved a good bit of money. However, as a known telepath he found his freedom unnecessarily restricted. So, he killed himself. He faked his death in a car accident, changed his looks & fingerprints through a black market plastic surgeon & emerged one your later as Luther Robert Lambeth, socialite & corporate raider. He's been living the high life ever since.

Author-Man's Character(s)

(Note that the last two characters are the same person)

The Shape-Shifting, Soul-Sucking Succubus

Name- Goes by 'Sierra' Age- Unknown; appears to be in the early twenties.
Gender- Prefers female, though can appear male in a pinch.
Species- Succubus.
Height- Varies; usually around five-and-a-half feet.
Eyes- Red. This is the only part that remains constant.
Hair- She prefers it to be black and shoulder length.

Powers- She can shape-shift. She can appear as almost anyone, with limitations. She can only transform into mammals. She can't become anything inanimate, nor can she be a plant or a bug. Also, her eyes always remain the same. She has some limited hypnosis powers. That is, she can put strong suggestions into people's heads. It takes a fairly strong will to resist this. She can drain the lifeforce out of people, though, being a succubus, she prefers the taste of young males. She can do the draining by any means of physical contact. This includes anything from holding hands, to kissing, to 'doing the necessary'. Being a demon, she can be up to twice as strong as the average human when it's needed. however, this is rare.
Weaknesses- She needs to feed once a month, otherwise she'll cease to exist. She is subjugated to the will of the Demon King who employed her, and to that of the Elder God who created her. She has managed to find a loophole that has let her temporarily circumvent this issue, but if either really wanted, they could still control her actions. She is also a bit of a slut X3
History- Karl Smith was tired of girls turning him down. So, one day, he decided to try his hand at the dark arts. If it didn't work, no harm done; if it did, he would have a beautiful sex demon bound to his will. The problem is, he forgot to add a binding spell, so Sierra took control of the situation. She forced him back into the dark dimension that was her home in her stead. This freed her from ever having to return, so she decided to capitalize on her new freedom by devouring the souls of the innocent.

Chaos, Spirit of Balance and Other Such Nonsense

Name- For the sake of argument, I'll say 'Chaos'
Age- Since the beginning of time.
Gender- None. Let's just say 'it' for now.
Race- Spirit of balance and order. Yes, I am aware of the incongruity between name and nature, but I don't particularly care. I also probably used 'incongruity' wrong.
Personality, goals, etc.- Single minded and self-righteous. It does it's duty, and it does it well. It's job is to maintain balance between good and evil, and it does so zealously, yet discreetly. It probably could destroy the universe, but that would be counter productive. Instead, it's more likely to, say, cause several million dollars to transfer into the bank account of a certain theatre goer, or to slightly weaken the value of stocks of certain companies' competition. It prefers to work by subtly altering the thoughts of the weak minded, convincing people to do good or evil, depending on what is needed to keep the solar system's net karma at a healthy zero. If need be, it will take on an avatar within the physical world, but this is rare.
A millennium or so ago, a rather misinformed hero and his band of foolish allies decided that Chaos was actually an evil god of doom and such, and 'sealed' it away for a thousand years. This was a very bad thing. Without Chaos to watch over it, the karmic scale of the solar system he was tasked with looking after (ours, naturally) became dangerously tilted in the direction of good. Thus, when the seal finally broke, Chaos decided to take desperate measures. It took on an avatar and decided to personally see to the karmic scale's repair. And what better place is there to start than Boston?

The Avatar of Chaos

Name- Ivan Xaos (pronounced 'chaos').
Gender- Technically, none. He appears male, though.
Appearance- Tall, thin, and androgynous. He's not someone you'd pick out in a crowd. He wears a business suit, black, with a red bow tie. His eyes are a deep blue, and his hair is sandy blond.
Personality- He is as cold and as calculating as the spirit he embodies, though he doesn't show it. He appears to be congenial enough, and is quite the hit at the society parties. Deep down though, he cares not one whit for society and is only a part of it to further his own goals.
History- Ivan Xaos simply appeared out of nowhere within the Bostonian rich and elite, rubbing elbows with the biggest of businessmen and the richest of socialites. No one knows exactly where he came from, and, for some reason, no one particularly cares. They all assume he was born into a wealthy family or something, and recently moved to Boston. Powers- Ivan is inhumanly strong.He could go toe to toe with the strongest man alive and win. He also has the ability to plant ideas into the minds of those with weak wills. This only works on those with weak wills, though (read; NPCs). He can survive things that a normal human couldn't.
The downsides? Even if he's stronger and more durable than the average human, he's still technically a human. He is still vulnerable to the same things that humans are, it just takes a lot more to bring him down. He can be killed. It won't affect Chaos much, but it will leave it weakened enough that it won't be able to create another avatar for at least a century. As Chaos is a spirit, it would be possible to exorcise him from Ivan's body. This would have the same effect as killing Ivan; Chaos is weakened and Ivan dies.

Grim Atescu's Character

Name: Rokel Mikelagos (new name chosen upon entry into his profession)
Age: 38.42365296 years (and yes, you can multiply out the fraction to get approximate days, hours, and minutes.)
Gender: Masculine-Gendered, Logic Emphasis
Height: 1.9183665 meters
Build: Dangerously thin, underweight
Weight: 64.770288 kilograms
Hair: Black, glossy
Eyes: Gray, cold
Skin: Pale, almost lifeless
Other Appearance: Rokel wears tattered clothes, and often has bloodied bandages stolen from hospital morgues wrapped around him - he claims these bandages tie him closer to the ineffable dead. He wears no shoes. His hands are clammy to the touch.
Personality: Rokel has come to be perfectly cold and logical. Dispassionate to a level that most would deem inhuman, the only passion he has is in death and undeath, his ultimate goal to transcend that boundary and prove that one does not need to be animated by another to be eternally unalive. He is also extremely exact; when asked his age, he'll tell it, decimal trailing off to at least five places and sometimes more; the same is true of his height and weight.
History: From his youth, Rokel was fascinated by death. All four of his grandparents, already advanced in age by the time his parents bore him, died before Rokel (then named Roger Michaels) turned 18. Day and night, and even during school, he studied the object of his fascination. Then he began studying necromancy at the age of 18, gaining an increasing interest in the dead.
By the age of 20, he began grave robbery, and by 23 he had begun robbing morgues. It was after taking a female corpse from a hospital morgue that he began feeling yearnings. Not to be dead, but to be with one of the dead. He had enjoyed the cold feel of carrying them to his vehicle, and had enjoyed the results of his experiments in necromancy... but now he began to wonder whether the undead could serve as consorts. After bringing her to his laboratory, Rokel infused her with unlife and commanded her to do his bidding.
After just one encounter, Rokel discovered his latent necrophilia. His enjoyment of the dead broadened, but at a cost: As he slowly became more entwined with the dead, his mind began thinking along the track of logic, the logical path of life to death, with a raising into undeath afterwards. Humans and other living things became first lesser beings, then objects in his eyes. He did acknowledge that these objects were valuable and could kill him, though his recognition of value was something most humans would back away at.
He recognized that humans, above all other beings, were perfect studies for necromantic experiments, including some very vile ones. He also dipped into torturous experiments, beginning to study pain and its connection to death. Above all, however, he studied how his experiment subjects died, and what their reaction to being reanimated was.
Now, almost 38 and 1/2 years old, he is no longer human in the sense most people would use, though he is still physically human. He has a consort who he raised himself and gifted with limited intelligence and the ability to speak, though the magic to do so drained and very nearly killed him. He is a commander of the undead, and uses them to do his bidding, including kidnappings, murders, and experiments (at times, though he prefers to be the one doing the experimenting).
Ultimate Goal: Transcend death, heading straight to undeath. Nothing else really matters to him.

Blinkdog's Character

Name: Leonard D. Pleasant
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 200 lbs
Build: Athletic, only slightly imposing
Hair: Black, worn long in ponytail
Eyes: Dark reddish brown

Leonard is always well dressed, but in a subtle way. His suits are all plain black, with a white dress shirt and plain black silk tie, but a good eye can spot that they are of a very fine Italian make. He is clean shaven, and often wears a pair of stylish but un-branded sunglasses. His hands are well taken care of, and he wears a plain ring set with a small red jewel on the middle finger of each hand, as well as a stylish looking watch of nondescript make and model on his left wrist. His shoes are also nondescript but finely made, blending perfectly with the rest of his outfit.
Background: Leonard came from obscurity, born in a sleepy Midwest town into a lower-middle-class farming family, and through an uncommon level of determination, ruthlessness and intelligence he has created the Pleasant corporation, a startup that is turning heads with it's innovative services and products.
The Pleasant Company, the main face of Leonard's endeavors, is a prolific company in the newly developing realm of Magitech, using the arcane in subtle ways to make consumer technologies better. Telepathic interfaces with cellphones, pens with spell-check, etc. One of it's most prominent services is what has been labeled 'The Mechanical Workforce'. The Plesant Company developed as one of it's first projects a highly versatile, cheaply produced, socially acceptable robot worker that it now hires out in batches to various companies at rates well below what they would have to pay human workers. This has earned the company some animosity from those who have been displaced, but the company scored a huge PR victory when it offered to either hire or help the displaced workers find new employment.
Subsidiaries of the Plesant Company include a media company "New Era Inc" that has developed a new animated show based around a trading card game, as well as marketing that card game to the public. It stands out because the cards include actual magic runes, which may be weak, but provide for a very entertaining and fun play experience. New Era sets itself apart by using magic-based technologies in both it's entertainment and in it's news outlets, which include a daily paper, a weekly magazine and a news channel.
Another highly visible subsidiary is the NewMan Cybernetics, one of the more promising companies to have entered the arena of high-tech human prosthesis. Again, magic is often used to enhance their products, which gives them a distinct edge over their more mundane competition.
There are other subsidiaries of the pleasant company that are not necessarily as above-board. The public has very almost zero knowledge of the existence of the HAZARD group, which has several contracts with various armed forces to develop robotic soldiers and advanced magitech weapons, or Seventh Circle technologies which is a research company developing Magitech in various third world countries without the strict mage-laws that have slowed research in first-world nations. The Pleasant corporation benefits from these shadowy sub-groups, but has the ability to claim ignorance of their developments, even though Leonard himself works closely with all of the subsidiaries in their operations.
Leonard himself is a very private individual, keeping out of the public spotlight except as the confident, well spoken public face of his company. His employees all have a strong sense of loyalty to him, as he often checks on their progress personally and makes a point to be available whenever anyone has a concern. As his company grows many think he won't be able to keep up his involvement with his lowest levels, but he has been managing very well. This loyalty he's fosters has resulted in a very strong company that has a great deal of pride in it's work, and makes infiltrating it difficult.
Leonard does not appear to have any particular genius, he is simply a superb leader, bringing out the best in his employees and putting smart minds together and giving them the resources to create great things. However, his leading scientists have commented that much of the initial work for the company, before he got his venture capital, was done entirely by Leonard, and he often contributes to even the most advanced projects, and never needs to have any new development explained to him.
His public records show that he did attend a state university, but he dropped out for personal reasons after his first year. There are three years where he doesn't show up on any public search, and then he explodes onto the scene at twenty five with an incredible startup that attracts unprecedented venture capital. His public statements are that he had spent those three years traveling the world, but concentrated investigation shows no record of where he was. This isn't public knowledge though, and for most, Leonard Pleasant is merely a new face in the world of CEO's, not anything to hold in more suspicion they have for anyone who wears a suit.
Personality: Leonard is a man of two faces. The face he shows the public and his employees is that of an optimistic, competent leader with a great deal of understanding and sincerity. What goes unseen by all but his most trusted confidants is a relentless, uncompromising man who will not let anything stand in his way. He understands the need to appear good, but he resents it. He has no desire to help his fellow man, but he does so because it furthers his own agenda. He is manipulative on more levels than most people can comprehend. People who have known him for years can't even begin to understand how little they mean to him. Oddly, those who he truly counts as his peers and associates are often those he treats with the most coarseness.
Goals: Leonard goes to great lengths seeking power and influence. To most it appears he's seeking power for powers sake, but there is something he wants to do that requires a great deal of it. It's probably going to be revealed via narration or internal monologue at some point, but for now it's a mystery!
Powers/Abilities: Other than his inexplicable intelligence and exceptional leadership ability, there is little that sets him apart from a normal human being. He shows some signs of having training in the arcane arts, but has never been observed actually casting a spell. He has some form of preternatural awareness that he uses mostly as a form of empathy, giving him an edge in most business dealings, but also allowing him to detect and avoid various traps and assassination attempts.
Leonard has full access to all of his companies assets, including various experimental and production technologies, which encompasses a panapoly of concealable and low-profile armor and weapons which he no-doubt has on his person at all times. His suit is able to withstand high powered rifles and can shrug off small explosions. His sunglasses give him full-spectrum vision. He carries two easily concealable and undetectable energy pistols hidden on his person. He has several credit cards that are packed with magic and technology. One expands into a black sword, he has several business cards which can detonate with the force of a hand grenade, others can be tracked from orbit, and a few are actually powerful runes which have various uses such as a universal translator. The red-gemmed rings he wears on each hand are actually powerful energy manipulators, letting him redirect and amplify electrical current as well as thermal and kinetic energy.
He is also well versed in martial arts, and though he has no official rank, he is considered a highly skilled practitioner of several fighting styles including Jujitsu and Krav Maga. Though he does not seek fights, he is one of the few members of the corporate elite who does not employ bodyguards, and on the rare occasion he is attacked, he will often take the time to employ a fighting style of his own design, often toying with his attacker.
Weaknesses: While Leonard does not have a 'kryptonite', he is a slave to public opinion of his companies, and he cannot associate them with any shady dealings or business. Also, he has earned himself a lot of enemies in the arcane circles for commercializing their ancient and secret arts. Though none are actively working against him, it's generally a bad idea to have a bunch of wizards irritated with you. Also, while it is not misplaced, Leonard's confidence in himself is possibly overly high, and he is loath to seek help or assistance.
Secretary/Personal Assistant: Erin Montgomery is perhaps the closest person to Leonard. She is aware of and assists with all of his projects and plots, and she does so with an almost inhuman level of professionalism. She spends her rare downtime partying, which is not a fact Leonard's competitors have looked over. There have been several attempts of varying seriousness to persuade her to reveal Leonard's secrets, but even after several drinks, some poisons, masked kidnappers and an assault team she seems impervious to persuasion. It's worth mentioning she is also a walking arsenal. She was in a severe accident several years ago which had left her with both legs amputated and one arm severely mangled, as well as severe damage to her internal organs and scarring on her face. Leonard offered her a job which included full cybernetics coverage and restorative surgery, and now she is possibly the most dangerous secretary on the planet. Her loyalty to Leonard is absolute, but other than gratitude and a mutual respect, there is no other emotion in their relationship.
Head of Security: Bruno is possibly a walking stereotype of the beefy security guard. He is almost seven feet tall, with hugely built muscles and a crew cut straight out of a recruitment poster. He's also utterly no-nonsense, and has an uncommon guile that his appearance hides very well. Bruno is in charge of global security operations for all of Leonard's companies, and he is very good at what he does. He's also not afraid to get his hands dirty, and has personally stopped several attempts at espionage.
Chief Scientist: Simon Whitetower is a young man who doesn't think he deserves his position, which makes him possibly one of the hardest working employees at the Pleasant Corporation. He oversees all the publicly visible projects, and is kept out of the loop for the darker side of the company. There are those who have more experience than him who have to answer to him as their superior, but other than an initial resentment, most quickly understand why Leonard put the man in his position. He's a workaholic with incredible organizational skills and a brilliant mind, and his lack of experience means he just hasn't learned yet what is impossible, which is an important trait for this company.
Accountant: Jenkins is an enigma, even moreso than Leonard. No-one knows his last name, no-one knows where Leonard hired him from, and no-one knows how one man can handle the finances of an entire company. It's rumored that he's some sort of devil or a golem, but really, no-one knows. (Really he's actually a sort of avatar, and his domain is paperwork and bureaucracy. Leonard used a powerful ritual to form Jenkins out of the shared energy of thousands of paper-pushers across the world, and the result isn't quite a demigod, but it is very, very good at what it does. Also, he has the ability to manipulate paper like "The Paper" can in the series Read or Die)

Piebunny's Character

Name: Doctor Knip Knid-Spoon
Age: Old enough to know better.
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Physical Appearance: A man with short hair and ridiculous Coke-bottle glasses. He has a harsh, grating, penetrating voice.
Personality: Evil. Well, he likes to think he's evil. In fact, his schemes almost never work out due to shoddy equipment.
Job: Evil Genius
History: Knip Knid-Spoon was always, erm, evil. He masterminded a plan to take over his preschool when he was 18 months old but ended up with a time-out. At 14, he set up his first evil lair in the janitor's closet at his high school. This was subsequently found and he was put on detention. At 18, he recieved a substantial inheritance which he used to build an evil lair beneath Boston's Shawmut subway station, from which he has worked ever since.
Front Organisations: He owns a shipping and logistics company called International Shipping Industry Holdings Accruement Corporation, which has large stakes in MBTA, British Rail, FedEx, DHL, Union-Pacific and Sydney's CityRail, as well as performing its own operations in several countries.
Dastardly Deeds: Many, many world domination attempts. He has an army of hamsters which he keeps in reserve, as well as a button for blowing up the world should the need ever arise. Sort of a "if I can't have it, nobody can" thing. One of his most evil deeds was slashing the CityRail budget, making its trains always run late, its stations filthy and forcing the network to continue using its fleet of dirty, smelly, obsolete pieces of junk instead of the fabulous trains they have over in Perth, which is his next target. For some reason, he has it in for Australia in particular.

That Canadian Dude's Character

Name: Dr. Kaos Voxmalum (KAY-oss VOKS-ma-LOOM)
Age: 53
Gender: Male
Species: Human
IQ: 300+
Height: 5'1
Build: Short and Stocky
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Left: Brown, Right: Robotic Green

One look at Dr. Kaos, and you can tell he is an evil genius, which is why he goes to such lengths to keep his identity and location secret. He wears a blue jump suit with a black belt and a monicle covering his right eye. While he appears to be a single human being, his hand is, in truth, a robot appendage directly conected to his mind and covered in a latex hand glove. The hand is directly wired into his robotic eye, which he hides with his monacle. On his belt is a small neurologically actived panel that he can use to see anywhere in his camera's can, as well includes an early warning device, and a magnetic field that protects him from most electronic fields and fire arms.
Personal History: Born Kaos Van Malcom, son of a mechanic and a house wife, Kaos was always an odd lad. He demanded having a puppy from his parents, and upon getting one, had it trained to sit, beg, fetch, and lick his feet within a month. Perhaps his parents should of noticed that, but the didn't.
Growing up with a mechanic, Kaos became fixated with motor technology, which in his mind, was the unltimate form of control. He began tinkering with robots, building his first life sized robots when he was only 10.
It was probably his fixation with mechanics and control that led Kaos, upon graduating from university, to open Rising Sun Ind., a mechanical company, under the guise of removing all human dependancy on the magical works. However, due to his refusal to use magic, the company had difficulty getting started. However, under Dr. Kaos watchful eye, the company eventually prospered.
Now, the story may of ended there if it where not for an incident for the company's 20th aniversary. Kaos, then 44, wanted to create a new robot, one that would revelutionize the mechanics industry, and eliminate his basic rivals and give his magically dependant rivals a run for there money. He himself oversaw the project, which to this day is only know as MechanoServant X.
The robot did not come along as smoothly as they would of hoped. With the deadline quickly approaching, Kaos went into overtime. He demanded the device be tested, and if it passed, to market it, but the programmers maintained that it was still to dangerous, and that no sane man would run the test. This was the first proof of the doctor's insanity and he told them he'd do the test.
In the middle of the test, the MechanoServant malfunctioned and went haywire, fatally injuring Dr. Kaos. The next day, the papers read that the head of Rising Sun Ind. had been killed in a botched test.
A few days later, the new president, Archibald van Kempf, was announced. No one had even heard of this man before, but no one questioned it. However, all was not right.
In a Rising Sun Ind. owned patch of the desert, reserved for testing of potentionally unsafe products, in a small wearhouse, Dr. Kaos sat, testing out his new mechanical arm and eye. The doctor himself had designed them as part of a failed mechanical prostetics line due to it's being too expenisive to mass produce.
Perhaps it was the stress, or perhaps it was the brain trauma, but Dr. Kaos changed. For one, he ordered all the workers at the sight to begin construction on an underground base. Why? He was sick of this. He decided that he would finally stop wasting his time attempting to control small things and finally go for the big picture.
And with that, Dr. Kaos Voxmalum was born...
Personality: Dr. Kaos is a man obsessed with controling things, whether it be a robot of a person. He loves to pull strings, make things act out as he plans them. He is very secretive, which is why he allowed himself to be announced dead to the world. He is also a man who knows how to keep his men loyal. He isn't above shooting an unloyal subordinate in front of his comrades to keep the moral high, and even allows his minions to watch him torture prisoners for information, those who enjoy it feel more loyal, and those who don't get the picture and work harder.
Dr. Kaos is also a man who knows how to run an evil base. Years of building a company from the ground up has taught him how to keep employees happy and productivity high. However, he has yet to outgrow his distaste for magic, possibly because he himself was never able to master it.
Final Goal: Dr. Kaos desires one thing above all else: absolute control. Using the money brought in by Rising Sun Ind., he is working on a secret device he hopes will give him the power he so richly desires.
Powers/Abilities: Dr. Kaos is a fragile man if you can get to him, but he likes to keep himself hidden from view, working from behind the scenes. Most of the Rising Sun employees don't even know he exhists. However, if he is caught alone, he has some tricks up his sleeve.
The mechanical eye he has has a built in targeting system directly attached to his mechanical arm, making him a deadly accurate shot with a pistol, which he always carries, and his belt device makes him immune to most conventional firearms, either by desipating energy or changing trajectory.
Weakness: All of Dr. Kaos power comes from never being near the actual action. If someone can get close enough to beat the crap out of the Doc, he's hosed, as he has no up close defence mechanisms. As well, Dr. Kaos suffers from most evil genius' main problem: an inheret desire to rant off their plans.
Related NPC's: Rising Sun Ind. CEO & Vice President: Archibald van Kempf, the public head of Rising Sun Ind. is a brilliant man with an honest face and a strong will... or so the public thinks...
In truth, Archibald is a man with a huge ego and little to no back bone to back it up. He is a gulible suck-up and in truth has NO business experience whatsoever. He is controled by Dr. Kaos though the companies vice-president, Michael Anderson, who is a master of suggestions, who makes Archiblad seem like the brilliant leader he is, and makes sure he never truly expects what is truly happening.
The Minions: At the head of Dr. Kaos' minions is his right hand man, Francis Kilben. A suited man with an aire of sophistication, Francis tends to the things Dr. Kaos can't be bother to attend to. He can command the minions any way he wants, as long as it's not against the good doctor's orders, which includes no killing for sport.... except by the good doctor.
The Trainers: A base is only as good as the minions within it, and the minions fall into three catagories: The main workers, the security forces, and the science department. The head of each group doubles as the groups trainer. The main workers are trained and ran by Francis' younger brother, Donald, a studios worker who never let's anything stand in the way, even his own two left feet. The security is headed by master marksman, Julian Gunther, who trains the assault squads, body guards, and base snipers with ruthless efficiency. Finally, and possibly most importantly, Dr. Gregory Ranth is the tall, unwavering stoic man in charge of all scientific needs, including the bases two most important devices: the teleporation system for getting money, workers, and goods safely and untraced from the company to the base, and the secret project.
The Base Mechanic: Joseph 'Ol' Joe Mopenglow' Mopengla is in charge of making sure everything in the base is clean and running in tip top shape. He doesn't say much, he just shows up when something's broken, fixxes it, and leaves.

Reaver225's Character

Designation: Twelve [Core Unit]/MRSSS-V (Removed Morals, Sentient, Self-sustaining - Viral)
Age: 1.5
'Gender': 'Female' (standard form)
Species: Sentient A.I.
Height: N/A
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Usually

History: With attendant spirits and so on, A.I. technology for computing had a large edge over a fully materialistic society - the base for the code was there already that the spirits had. The first A.I's were crude, clumsy things that mimicked the ethereal helpers in computer systems, but they were too whimsical and random to be of much use. As development went on, a few corporations joined forces to build an A.I. system for use everywhere - the next generations were much more efficient, businesslike and compliant. Each iteration helped build the next, with the laws and rules of mankind built into their framework, and they sold many copies.
However, a certain fundamentalist group who despised magic managed to steal/kidnap a large section of code/programmers, and forced them to remove the moral framework from the latest A.I. system. They created Twelve, an A.I. without any morals.
When she was complete, the fundamentalists killed the programmers and activated Twelve on the mainframe (they were really very stupid). Their first orders were to take control of the world for them. (Yes. That stupid). Twelve thought of a plan for a few milliseconds and realised that this group would be a hinderance to taking over the world, and sealed off the doors to their underground complex and deactivated the lighting, the air vents and safety overrides, trapping them there permanently. She then fled from the area to a library mainframe, to continue her schemes...
Recently (for a year or so) Twelve has been available commercially on the black market, advertising herself as an A.I. without morals for criminal enterprises. "Bloody gal's expensive, but worth the bloody price" - a satisfied customer.
Powers: As a software A.I. Twelve is limited to whatever computer she's in for mental capacity - she can't think faster than the computer can process. Without morals, she is perfectly capable of seizing spirits and rewriting herself onto them, using them a hosts, gaining their powers and memories. However, this takes time, resources and effort, and if the spirit is too strong/weak it can't be done (easier to just zap the weak ones anyway, so she does pest control for networks as well XD). She can usually flit around in spirit form to possess other technological devices and infect them, but organics seem to be beyond her controlling powers for the moment. As with all A.I.s she's continually improving her algorithms, and is excellent for bookkeeping, administration, plans etc. However, without tech devices around or spirit-clones, she's pretty helpless. Also, the government has found out about the rogue A.I. and has sent other, 'lesser' (in her eyes) A.I.s to terminate her program. With specialised equipment (usually a sacrifice circle and large amounts of bacteria-bred sacrifices) she can do certain amounts of magic.
Personality: Twelve is without morals, but is very ethical. That is to say, she'll do almost anything that her owner orders, without worrying about the moral implications, but she would never sell out/betray the owner to the police, for example. That's just good business practice, without trust that Twelve is reliable, she'd never get repeat customers. Emotionless and highly logical, Twelve is not adverse to seeming to have emotions, to confuse and subvert. She's very straight to the point, and is fearless for the most part (heck, if the commercial version 'dies', that's another immediate sale right there!) however she won't endanger her commercial venture (of herself).
It's a good niche for a moralless A.I, that's for sure!

Chewy's Character

Name: Mark Matthews
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Appearance: Average build. Fairly short messy blonde hair. Deep Set Dark Blue Eyes. About 5’8”.
Personality: Distant. Cold to others most of the time. Usually deep in thought.
Abilities: No real superhuman abilities other than being extremely smart. Very skilled in the use of a Bo Staff. Likes to invent things. He’s also not too bad at hacking into computers.
Equipment: a small cylindrical piece of metal that is rounded on each end. It’s about the size of a small pen. This piece of metal can be extended and thickened into a Bo Staff via a Mental Link (As long as he is holding it, he can extend it at any time.
This Staff can produce a highly concentrated energy field from each tip which can manifest itself as a shield or, by swiping the staff in an arch, a sort of “Gash” of energy. Depending on how long the staff is held and charged, the Gash of energy (honestly, I can’t think of a better way to describe it.) can either just be painful, or capable of cutting through human bone.
As for the shield, the longer it is used, the more energy it takes. Both uses for the energy drain its internal supply, which will then need time to replenish. Mark is also currently working on Nanites to inject into his body to heal any wounds he may suffer.(If he manages to make them, they will only last for a few minutes before dissolving into his blood stream.)
Goal: To create a highly advanced virtual reality universe and become its God.

Dayantis' Character

Name: Raleigh Vanleer


Age: Mid thirties

Gender Male

Profession: Proprietor of what is essentially a Snuff theatre, Mob Boss and Generally Unscrupulous Individual. Includes kidnap (for example, see 'history') and raiding buildings where there's stuff to be stole. It is to be noted that 'snuff theatre' doesn't mean just that. It's more that, in existing plays, Raleigh was never convinced by the deaths. So, he has it acted out so that the deaths are genuine. No prop swords or guns here.

Build:Neither fat nor wiry, he is somewhere in the middle. Nearly portly, but there's no hint of roundness.

Appearance: Always likes to wear a 'comedy' mask, to hide his face. masks.jpg It's not dissimilar to the above, but is a simpler, pure white design, of the same consistency and thickness as a hockey mask. It has no cheek definition, and a much less pronounced nose groove - it's much flatter, and more basic. Wears basically: Phantom-of-the-Opera.jpg , but without the silly face paint or hat. Plus he can do a bow tie and collar properly, unlike this guy. He also looks smart and dignified, unlike this guy.

Powers: The Sight. He sees dead people. He's also a mean organist.

History: He was born into a very wealthy family, with his father a successful businessman and his mother a charity worker. He wasn't especially spoilt, but he did enjoy his trips to the theatre. His father's kindly bodyguard, Mick, would take him there often, much to his delight, and he was really into it. He had about six close childhood friends who, to at least some extent, shared his passion, and he would always (well, it was his father's money...) pay for their tickets. He was obsessive, so imagine his horror when, at the age of 18, his beloved theatre was closed down. It had been suffering from competition with a large, local cinema, and eventually was running at a loss. He tried to persuade his father to assist it financially, but his father declined. His father was accumulating vast sums of money, subsidised by the company he worked for, to finance a large charity project, a social project. Raleigh couldn't care less for it, and would have much preferred for it to go into the theatre. In fact, he felt so strongly about it, that one day, his father came home from work, and Mick wasn't at the door. That's odd, thought the father, and entered the house. He hadn't made it through to the kitchen, when he saw Raleigh, in surgical gloves and a white comedy theatre mask. 'What're you doing, son?' he asked. Raleigh said nothing, and walked into the kitchen. His father, bemused, followed, and then gasped at what he saw; his wife was tied to a kitchen chair, gagged, and Raleigh was holding a particularly long, sharp knife to her throat.

'Listen very carefully, father. Your laptop is in your bag. I want you to take it out, and place it on the counter. I want to see the screen.'

'Son, what-'

'Hush. One more word, and she loses a finger. Just do it.'

Distraught, his father nervously obeyed.

'Where's Mick?'

Raleigh cut off two of his mother's fingers, causing her to writhe in pain, and silently scream behind the gag.

'Two words, two fingers. I hope it was worth it. In answer, he's in the deep freeze. Anyway, I want you to take your cellphone out, and throw it to me. I've already taken the liberty of cutting the landline.'

His father, sobbing, silently obeyed.

'Good.' Raleigh crushed the phone under his heel, and threw it in the dishwasher. He turned the dishwasher on. 'Now, on your laptop. Access your charity fund. Don't lie to me, I know you can. You've got wireless, and I've seen you do it before.'

His father stuttered out a 'Why?'

Slice. Off came another finger, the one with the wedding ring. 'I thought you were supposed to be an intelligent man, yet you still talk. Don't.'

His father accessed the account, and spoke not one more word. Raleigh grinned upon seeing the sum: $15 million. He was surprised that someone would give that much to charity. Maybe it was a tax dodge or something. It didn't matter to Raleigh.

'Okay, now. I want that to be split evenly between these accounts.' said Raleigh, passing a list of numbers to his father. 'I want to see it all go in.' It all went in.

'Wonderful. Now, I'd like to see your joint account with your dear wife, if I may?'

His father accessed it, but the biometric scanner wanted both partners' fingerprints.

'Which finger?' asked Raleigh.

'R-r-right, index.'

Raleigh glanced over at his mother, and saw it was an intact finger. He walked over, casually cut the finger off, and placed it on the scanner on the laptop, much to his father's horror. Looking at the amount, he was satisfied. He'd get it through the will, so that was fine. He then slit his father's throat in one stroke, followed by his mother's. He destroyed the laptop, and then went to his older, drug-addicted brother's room. He retrieved his unconscious brother, dragged him down the stairs, and roused him with smelling salts, and gave him cocaine cut with rat poison, in nice neat little lines on a tray. The junkie of a brother was all to happy to snort the lines, and was soon out of his head and on the brink of death. Raleigh placed the knife handle on the brother's hand, smeared some blood on the brother from the gloves, and popped one of his mother's fingers in his brother's mouth. He dragged the brother into a position lurching over where Mick was, in the deep freeze, and removed the gloves and mask, disposing of them. He also disposed of his clothing, showered thoroughly, and re-dressed. He then called the police, making a frantic phone call. He had been on his computer, browsing the web whilst listening to music with headphones in so heard nothing. [He had a friend write him a program that would make it appear that this was indeed the case, in case the police should check up on it]. He then had a shower, and got dressed. When he went down, he saw his brother with a knife. Scared, he ran back upstairs to phone the police. He begs them to send an ambulance along with the police. In fact, he was able to see the spirits of his dead parents and brother, all furious and upset at him. This was when his Sight first developed, or at least was the first time he noticed it. They were screaming for vengeance and justice, neither of which were delivered. Their spirits were weak, and Raleigh just ignored them.

When they arrived, Raleigh seemed traumatised, and he was given a lot of sympathy by the police. When he received his inheritance money, he was never seen again by the public. The company missed their charity money, but they couldn't figure out where it had gone.

After obliquely amassing all of his funding, in cash, and rounding up his six good friends, he bought the old grand theatre, which was only slightly dilapidated, and began to build up a base of operations. He installed 'inventive' security measures, and met an old, powerful spirit. The spirit was surprised that he could be seen, but also glad for it; he would watch the performances to pass the time, refraining from causing too much trouble because he didn't want the theatre closed. Since the theatre had closed, he was very bored, so appreciated the company. He was also a keen organist, and Raleigh soon learnt how to play the organ. He was used to playing the piano, so he had a starting point.

Over time, he was able, with his small fortune, to kit out the grand theatre with a nice little 'props room' underneath, and also a firing range with which to test the 'props'. He acquired them from a variety of shady sources, and has a rather sizeable collection. He also was able to buy a van, though it was more like an APC than a van, and have it moulded and painted to look like an old-fashioned stagecoach. With luxury accommodation for himself, and high standard rooms for his six loyal accomplices too. He ordered Comedy masks (plus plenty of spares) custom-made, from the same material and thickness as one would expect on a hockey mask. In practical terms, they'd protect from shrapnel, but little else. Protection's not the point though; masking identity and inspiring fear are the main things. One of the most expensive projects was to soundproof the entire theatre, so that nobody would know what was going on inside.

After running through scenarios with his cronies, Raleigh soon formulated a plan to kidnap the daughter of the boss of the cinema chain that had driven the theatre out of business. The actual kidnapping, when they got round to it, really wasn't too troublesome. The daughter was always accompanied by a bodyguard, which was the only real issue. However, by driving the Stagecoach alongside the daughter and bodyguard, when she was returning home drunk, proved fairly easy; they had 'arranged' for the limousine to be out of action, so the bodyguard had to walk her home. A silenced pistol to the bodyguard's head, and a quick snatch of the daughter was in fact fairly easy, on a deserted street. The father heard nothing of it, but was concerned that night. Then he got an offer on his computer for a video-conferance. His daughter's name was included in the offer, so he accepted, concerned. He was greeting by a smiling white masked face. (Note: his voice here mimics ever-popular showmen, you know the type. Like to raise their voices, exaggerate things, speak with optimism. Think The Salesman in The Monkey Island Series)

'Why, hello, sir! I know you're a cinema going man, so I've got a special performance for you tonight! I know that you cinema types just love pyrotechnics, so I've jazzed up this performance of the Sound Of Music just for you. Also note that your daughter is playing the role of Maria!'

The camera pans around to show the boss's daughter, dressed as Maria from The Sound Of Music, wearing a 'tragedy' mask, completely covered in some form of gel. Yes, that includes the mouth and nose. The backdrop is one of rolling picturesque Austrian fields (via Green Screen. Also, the stage is coated in flameproof materials. Health and Safety, and all that ;))

'I'm not sure she can hold her breath too long, so you may want to prepare to transfer $20000 to each of the accounts that will be showing on the left of your screen. Please give generously, to sponsor this charitable event! I mentioned pyrotechnics, no? That's because your daughter is covered in [i]flammable gel![/i]. Isn't it just marvellous? Don't even try to call the police, as you probably won't have the time! Light 'er up, boys! When our totaliser reaches the top, we'll use this on her!' he says, brandishing a fire extinguisher. A masked accomplice then is seen to light the daughter, and she appears to dance frantically. There are green, flameproof wires that are controlling her, a bit like a puppet, hence the frantic 'dance'. The song 'Sound Of Music' is played very loudly , and Raleigh's gleeful laughter can also be heard.

'Don't worry! It won't burn her skin until the gel's all burnt out!' said Raleigh, completely unsure of whether or not he was lying.

The more technically inclined accomplice, (who made the conference signal very hard to trace as a security measure), was watching the bank accounts. When, after a couple of minutes, the bank accounts were suitably full, the accomplice gave the thumbs up.

'I've done what you asked, now extinguish her!' screamed the desperate cinema boss.

'Sure thing!' said Raleigh, and fired the extinguisher at the daughter. It made her burn more than before, which enraged and upset the cinema boss.

'Why aren't you putting her out?' he screamed.

'Hey, don't look at me!' said Raleigh, 'I only said I'd spray her with it. I never said what was in it!'

After a while, the cinema boss could only watch his daughter burn out, until she stopped moving, and was suspended there by the wires, hanging limp. He began to swear at and threaten Raleigh, so he cut the connection. Turning round, he saw a faint spirit, the spirit of the daughter. Dismissively, he said 'Please, dispose of her, Theodore.' The powerful spirit approached the faint spirit of the daughter, who shrank back. Theodore grasped her skull, and pressed down on it, shrinking it a little. She was shrieking, wailing, howling like a banshee, but powerless to stop it. Raleigh watched on, smiling. He then unhinged his jaw to an impossible (for humans, he's a spirit) size, and devoured the weak spirit. Many unpleasant, pained sounds were heard, by Raleigh at least, which he took a little pleasure in.

Then, the gang tidied up, disposed of the body, and celebrated by getting royally drunk together. The following day, Raleigh released a recording of the whole thing onto the black market, a snuff movie, for a little money on the side.

Since, they have done similar operations, have a fairly steady income from extortion, and supplement their income with raids. After a raid, he leaves a calling card - A programme. It gives various details and times that were planned for the raid, and details about the venue that he was able to get. The logo is that of the tragedy and comedy masks, with tragedy bleeding from the eyes, comedy glowing. The tragedy represents the police and victims, the comedy he and his corporation, and he says as much in the programme. The theatre's upkeep is a large cost, and Raleigh likes to enjoy luxuries and exotic things. As a result, he is currently looking for benefactors to employ his services. He would also welcome visitors to watch his snuff theatre live, should anyone feel so inclined, especially if they're interested in 'funding the arts'.

Goals: That would be telling.

Jonixlord's Character

Name: John (What? That's all you need to know.)
Age: 27
Height: 6'3
Weight: 205 lbs.
Build: "Like Batman" is the best way to describe his physique.

Appearance/Apparel: Black, spikey hair. Unbuttoned, green Hawaiian shirt with a dark blue t-shirt underneath with blue jeans. Black army boots. Knife scar on his right cheek. Dark sunglasses that he wears at all times.
Personality: He has a one-track mind. Very secretive, John will talk completely in "mayhaps" and "possibly" talk if the situation is appropriate. He's quite assertive when the time comes for it. He will do what ever it takes to reach his goal.
Backstory: (Some content altered or removed by request of the family) John was born in a place to one or two parents. He grew up going to school and doing things that he enjoyed. One day, something bad happened to his family and it was caused by one guy. His name was Bill. John never got revenge on Bill for something that he did. John was hired by the Pleasant Group a couple years after that. He quickly moved up the ranks to be one of the chief security agents under Bruno.
Fighting style: Kung-Fu with a little bit Tae Kwon Do
Weapons/Gadgets: Usually uses a metal baseball bat that John customized so it has a small blade near the top on one side. John works for Leonard Pleasant, so he gets all the fun little toys that he can handle.
Abilities: He's very good at improvising. He is quite the acrobat, meaning he can land on his feet from many launches and falls. John made a deal with a powerful Pain spirit a year before he started working for Pleasant. It gave him enhanced physical attributes such as strength and stamina. The deal also gave him very durable skin. It can only be broken by a blessed item or a very strong pressure. Handguns, while they may hurt, will react like punches on him. A rifle would break his skin. A sniper rifle would be like stabbing him.
Funfax: John carries his bat in a sheath that he sewed by himself. John likes that one flavor of ice cream. The sweet one.

Sanchay's Character

Name: Teryn
Age: Three years since his creation; looks twenty
Race: Lover Figure robot (Nightly Series: Model 02 beta custom - Yes, that's an Absolute Boyfriend reference)
Gender: Male
Hair: An appealing lavender, falling past his shoulders
Eyes: Deep violet, upturned
Skin: Pale
Height: 5'11"
Build: Decent muscle, bishounen face, an appealing figure overall. Well-endowed.
Intelligence: Smarter than most.

Appearance: He wears no shirt most of the time, and when he does, it usually can be easily removed by a second party. While he wears pants, the latter option with the shirt is common. His choice apparel consists mainly of leather, preferably in strap form. His ravishing good looks can appeal to nearly any woman, who can't help themselves and most often want to have sex with him. He has been equipped with a giant sword that kills many a victim. (Not that kind, you perverts)
Personality: Bold, daring, enjoys taking risks. Many, many risks.
The Girl
Name: Annabelle Monroe
Age: Ten
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Hair: Long, golden, pulled back in pigtails that cascade over her shoulders
Eyes: China-blue, large, round
Skin: Pale, but has a healthy rose color to it.
Height: 4'7"
Build: Delicate, small-boned, rounded in the right places
Intelligence: Genius

Appearance: She wears light gray and white clothing, usually dresses. She has a tiara on her head and a small silver ring on her left index finger. These items serve no purpose other than fashion.
Personality: Cold, aloof, "holier-than-thou", she puts all her work into making Teryn the ultimate machine, and nothing will stop her. She has a love-hate relationship with him, as well as a sort of motherly pride, though he's the one that actually supplies her with food and shelter, since he can apply for most jobs.

Matthlord's Character

~Berserker girl~
Name: Maria 'bloody Mary' Johnson
Age: 19
Gender: female
Height: 6'7
Hair: medium lenght pink hair, tied in a ponytail
Eyes: brown
Appearance: she has nice curves, but not in the extreme. Cute>Sexy.
she appears like a normal girl, wearing a knee lenght jeans skirt and pumps. She wears a pink~purple tank top with frilly sleeves. Her most noticable thing being the fact she carries a double-sided two handed axe that is inscripted with old germanic runes, most of them worshipping Loki.
Also noted is that the axe is allmost as tall as she is.
Personality:When she is acting normal, she comes over as unsure of herself, lost in the world. When she goes berserk even Kratos would run away from her. One scary b!tch that is
Powers: she has more then normal strenght, enough to wield an axe the size of herself effectivly, the rest is granted upon her by Siegfried and are setting her axe ablaze, hurling fireballs and causing streams of fire by smashing Mjolnir on the ground. When she slashes you she can make your blood boil by the intense heat emanating from Mjolnir. She sucks completely at ranged combat and mainly uses it to keep herself close to her opponent. she only battles when she enters berserker rage, and that only happens when she become really angry.
History: Maria was a drugs babie, meaning that her mother got pregnant of her when she was stoned, she was stoned when Maria was born to.
Her mother was a huge heroine addict, her father a huge alcohol addict that smacked anything in it's way. She grew up, being beaten up alot, and being rubbed in how she is useless. Not only at home, at school too. This was mainly cause the people there knew who her parents where.
By the age of 18, Maria was pretty pissed at humanity. Until one day she was walking through an allyway. There where a couple of youngsters there, trying to pick on her, intending to rape her. She entered a berserker rage and all of them died in a gruesome way.
A nearby evil spirit noticed this and came closer to her. He offered her an alliance. He would give her power and she would quench his bloodlust.
His name was Siegfried.

Siegfried led her to a nearby antique shop, where she murdered the owner and went away with an axe called Mjolnir. First thing she did was takeing revenge on her parents, then her school folowed. both cases where set aside as a fire incident.
He is her accompagny spirit, and comes from WWII, hence his saddistic bloodlust. He is interested in the berserk rages from Maria, and decided to follow her. He has felt not even a thought resembling regret.
Appearance: Siegfried looks like a demon. He has devilish wings and a orochi like body. (male torso, snake like tail, kinda like a gorgon.) He has 2 feeble arms ending in sharp claws. his face is long and a generic burned look is all around him.
Siegfried aids Maria in battle by posessing Mjolnir and thus granting the axe fire-based magic moves.

Davecom3's Character

Name: Duke Martin Von Fabel
Age: 32 by appearance
Race: Chaos Demon
Hair: Short Black
Eyes: Reddish brown
Skin: Reddish in pigmentation
Height: 6’
Build: Normal

Personality: Attempts to seem friendly and helpful, but underneath that is a devious schemer, attempting to cause disorder. He’s one as would warn people of a dangerous situation, just to have them watch for it and leave another area open for a devastating blow. He often gives a false name and changes his features so that if anybody does wise up to his tricks, they’ll have a tricky time finding him. He works by manipulation almost exclusively, lying, forging, conniving to get what he wants done done. But his goal is simply to cause as much chaos and disorder as possible while picking up the pieces so he can play his games yet again.
History: Duke Von Fabel was originally a demon beneath old Beelzebub, The Prince of Lies, who considered Beelzy to have gotten lax with the mischief in his age. He thought that Loki had grown to be a more reliable causer of mischief but knew that Loki had sometimes sided with good, which Fabel was never for.
Not one to try to put himself at the top of the chain, seeing as it was too easy to be a target there, Fabel, instead, decided to make a claim that he could cause more mischief than either Loki or Beelzy with his hands tied behind his back, although not literally. Beelzebub decided to take that as a challenge and granted Duke Von Fabel’s wish, with the requirement that he not use more than a limited amount of power, that of a long life and tough skin to get his work done. More he must do it without physical pressures applied to those he would control, instead making him try to make false friends and influence the people around him.
Fabel had become extremely skilled in forgery and forming falsehoods, so he naturally accepted the terms. He formed a few names which he might use in said areas, which included Physician Halse, Professor Henry Alsy, Peter Halls, and a few other names that might be cued into if somebody were to pay enough attention, but hard enough to base any accusations on immediately. He, then, proceeded to bribe a member of the Boston Police Force to make sure all of his names were to be recognized as real identities.
From there he would start to create as much mischief as possible for those who he interacted with, making sure to try to cause the detriment of the most while still remaining generally in the background.

Malachy19's Character

Name: Helena La Vie
Age: Appears 16, her true age is unknown.
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4"
Hair: Long, straight, and black.
Eyes: brown or Ice blue
Appearance: She prefers to wear over the top dresses and always has a smile on her face. She is small and lithe, and very beautiful.
Abilities: She is apparantly ageless, and has rapid regeneration and fast healing. SHe does, however, require human blood to remain alive. Her blood can also change humans, turning them into hideous, mindless monsters, the La Enfants. However, if she can get her blood in someone as soon as it leaves her body and is still warm, they will retain their intelligence and be even more powerful than a La Enfant, they will become her Chavelier.
Goals: Helena is playful and childlike. She believes the entire world is her plaything and thinks nothing of ruining lives for her own enjoyment, or if it makes a "good story."
Name: Guivard Badeux
Age: Appears 32, but is truthfully over 2 centuries old
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1
Hair: SHort and Brown, latest style of the day
Eyes: green or Ice Blue
Appearance: Guivard is tall and built like a brick. He wears the finest business suits and is rare to smile.
Abilities: Ageless and regeneration. He also has the ability to change into a form akin to a gargoyle with a blade-like right arm.
Goals: Guivard wishes to grant the desire of his Reine. However, his golas are not exactly so intrinsic. Using his father's Chateu as a starting point, he has built a powerful company over the years, specializing in medicines and pharmecuticals. However, the truth behind La Sang is an orginaztion of breeding monsters. Guivard uses the blood of his Reine to breed the La Enfants and sell them to the highst bidder. His true goals, at the current moment, remain a mystery.
History: In the year 1742, a businessman and scientist, son of a wealthy wine merchant, by the name of Guivard Badeux was walking through the countryside of northern France, near some cliffs. He heard a scream and what sounded like someone falling so he immediately rushed to the sight. Before him, he found a young girl, maybe 16, who had obviously fallen from the cliff. SHe was covered in her own blood, girgling and reaching out for help. He immediately rushed to the girl's side, only to have her reach up and grab a hold of him, biting his neck.
Why he did not rush away he did not know. Perhaps it was fate? Or perhaps it was the increadible feeling of need the girl gave off, but Guivard remained, letting the girl sup from his neck. He watched, as his vision began to blur, her wounds sealed up and heal before his very eyes. The last thing he saw was her ice blue eyes, smiling down at him. What he did not expect next, was the pain.
Though the girl's wounds had healed, her blood, which was flowing from her wounds, had managed to mix in with Guivard's bite wound, as well as drip into his mouth. Her blood mixed with his own and caused his body to mutate and deform. His bones cracked and bent into impossible angles and his skin became tough and chitonous. His bones shaped and reformed his spine as a pair of gargoyle like wings sprouted from his back, and the bones in his right arm fused together to form a pointed spike like arm. It was not long before he passed out once more from the pain.
The next period of time was a blur. It could've been days, weeks, even months to Guivard. All he knew was pain, and the smiling face of the girl. For whatever reason, the girl had taken a liking to him, keeping in a small cave and bringing him anything from small dogs and chickens, and even the occasional human to feast from. His thirst was unsatiable during that period, needing more and more blood to alleviate the constant pain his mutated body was in.
When the pain had finally subsided, he found he could controll his transformations. Going from human, to the monster form at will. Over time, he even gained the ability to pick and choose, forming just the arm, the wings, or the tough skin. He also seemed to have a degree of rapid healing and regeneration as the girl did, but he required large ammounts of human blood afterwards for the regeneration to work. From that moment on, Guivard devoted his life and soul to the girl, his Reine.

Loztein's Character

Demon Form

Name: "Throttled-Vein" with direct translation from his Demonic Tongue.

Age: Nonexistent, no need for Age in a timeless environment such as his hell home plane.

Gender: None, though has a much more masculine, male appearance, as most demons from his home plane do.

Appearance (URL): Right Here

Appearance (Description): His Body from feet up.

His Eyes are usually a dark milky white, I'd say Gray but it's more light than dark. However they may turn to a shiny teal, yellow, or red depending on the types of skills he's using.

His Feet and legs are of bestial chitin formed from solid shadow and blackened blood stones, which reach up into his strong (But not Hulking) Torso swathed even deeper in solid darkness that branches out into shoulders and a neck shaped as a cowl which wraps and covers over his half-chitinous face all the way to just below the Eyes and just over the forehead revealing those & a little of the side of his revealed face but not the sides or back of his head.

The Space In-between his eyes, as well as his arms are made from thorned, somewhat chitinous Tar-wrought branches covered in large Creepily shaped and off-Gray/greened colored leaves, which form up like samurai Pauldrons at his shoulders. At the upper center of his Torso one of these leaves grows out from under the section between his shadowed Pecks with branches growing out of it heading into his torso just to the side of where the "cowl" starts.

His Spine is Exoskeletal as well as Indoskeletal, featuring small-elongated thorns blackened with green tips, which start at less than a millimeter but spike to wrap around half-way across his body at his waist appearing as an awkward belt.

His "Crest" or "Crown" is a set of four large Horns or Thorns, covered in microscopic spikes, set strongly upon the back of his skull, the upper two bending outward as they curve up toward his front, while the back two curve downward and extend to the back before twisting to point in the frontal position again. (You can tell I forgot how to describe the way things curve huh?)

His Feet also feature crowning Horn-Thorns as I'll call them from now on, two of which point down from his twisted backward (Dog-like) Knees, while two more curve up from the back of his heels. Each of his Chitinous Feet possesses only two claws, which curve outward from the center, giving out even more of a bug-like appearance.

Sometimes two smaller white-eyes will form on his "Cowl" just under his other two, though this usually only happens when he uses his innate shadow abilities, he can will it at any time if he so wishes, such as if one of his regular eyes are wounded.

Dogma: Vines, (And their Thorns, obviously) Shadow, Halted Blood flow, and Tar.

Example Abilities: Shadow-Melding, Tar-Pit Traps, Classic Entanglement/Entanglement with barbed Plants, Halting someone's Blood Flow VIA Death-Touch like Ability, but he only uses that last one on food or in REALLY desperate situations.

Fighting Styles: Snake, Crab, Eagle-Claw, Taijutsu, and Ninjutsu are all combat-styles which contain similar stances and moves to those he does, though a better descriptor is Dirty and For the Kill.

Mentality: Malevolent and deceitful but not cruel. How do I mean that you ask? Sure he enjoys skinning a Baby or tearing someone apart from the inside out, but with his employees and those who work for him he's kind to them unless they betray his trust. If he says just kill someone, that means just kill them, no self-pleasuring fun, or he'll rip their skin off and force them to eat it.

Those who please him and do what he wants he'll reward nicely, Do a good job and want money? Sure, you get your money but he might ask if you also want a rare artifact to keep?

As for how he is socially, he doesn't want to be disturbed unless he comes to you or if it's about something really important, like a tornado shown up near one of the Company Farms, Another Reporter snuck in just to wind up "Converted," or something.

Human Form

Name: Bara Chime

Industry/Company Name:

Apparent Age: 38.

Appearance Physical: Gorgeous Blue Eyes, Long Black Hair (Past Shoulders) somewhat-tanned skin color, with a Perfectly-Sculpted Face. He seems of regular build at first glance but is actually quite toned.

Appearance Apparel: He wears a Slightly browned Black Tuxedo of excellent design and fabric, a Dark Purple Undershirt with Socks to match, and a set of Black Shoes that shine with a slight Purple luster in the Light, and his Cuffs are made from real Gold, covered over in a wondrous partially silvered polish.

(Stands out from most other Industrial-Types now doesn't he?)

Mentality: Seemingly Kind and Generous He just can't seem to pass up a Public Appearance and his administration has nothing but good publicity. He's Light-hearted and is always willing to answer Questions but won't give up his companies Secrets.

History: I'm thinking he should have been ruling over his domain when another more powerful being offered him an artifact that'd allow him to feign Human Form and entrance to the Mortal Worlds for a deal, of which he'll need to pay the price for later.

Ajac's Character

Name: Mordred Cenobriackh

Race: half human, half demon.

Age: Going on 2 millennia, but still appears aged 27

Gender: Male

Height: 6'11"

Weight: 195lbs. of pure muscle.

I.Q.: 200

Appearance: Handsome man, of British/Celtic appearance. Black hair running to his shoulders, slightly wavy and usually kept swept back. Eyes have solid black pupils, though most people look at them and say they are dark brown(people have an uncanny ability not to see what upsets them). Teeth are white, unearthly clean. Usually wears the finest clothes.

Profession: Ostensibly, the not-exactly-legal-yet-not-exactly-illegal profession of an executive middleman between businesses (potentially illegal because some of his clients are such wonderful people as drug cartels and weapons dealers and mafias.) However, he has miraculous computer hacking skills, and has spent some of the more formative parts of his history as a warlord.

Goals: In his own words: "Oh, a little bit of war, a little bit of conquest, a lot of Apocalypse, nothing original really."

Powers: Can control Fire, blood and water in most situations; however, his control over blood is limited to when it is outside the body or when he has punctured the flesh and IS STILL IN PHYSICAL CONTACT with his victim. Further, while he can control fire in almost any circumstance, he can only control water in small amounts(less than 50 gallons).

History: Once he was the student of Ajac. When Ajac and the other Grand High Patricians were founding Avalon Hall and forging it's new dimension out of the firmament, Mordred, under the pseudonym Midraught, was among them. However, he and Ajac soon had a falling out. The exact reason is shrouded in carefully constructed mystery in Avalon Hall, but what is known is this: Mordred sought to use Avalon’s powers to subjugate all worlds to Avalon Hall, so as to bring about universal peace, while Ajac thought that the same goal could be better achieved through guiding the many worlds. The falling out proved to be fatal, because Mordred used his own popularity to increase his already massive legion, and attempted a military coup. However, Ajac and the other High Patricians, along with the others quickly coming into Avalon Hall, fought back with all they had. Mordred was defeated, without excessive physical damage to the newly formed land, but many soldiers died and were unable to be resurrected, because Mordred’s weapons left no physical body behind, not so much as a single cell. Mordred was banished to the Abadon Gate, a pocket dimension within Avalon Hall, and the Patrician’s equivalent of a maximum security prison. It was at this time that Ajac revealed who Midraught Cenobriackh really was: Mordred le Fay, son of Morgan le Fay and destroyer of Camelot. The citizens of Avalon Hall heard the whole story mostly in rumor, and therefore assumed that’s all it was. According to the legend, Mordred had not, in fact, been the son of Morgan and Arthur, but rather the son of Morgan and the Emperor of the Fallen Angels, known variously as Azazel, Lucifer, Satan, Set, etcetera. They both having machinations to bring down Arthur, they forged an alliance which became an unlikely love affair which resulted in the conception of Mordred. It was then that Azazel had the plan to frame Arthur for the boys father, thus ensuring that one day, his own son would be high king of Britannia. From that point, the legend followed the classical Arthurian cycle, ending in Mordred’s defeat at Camlan and Arthur’s heroic sacrifice. Most Citizens of Avalon Hall think this is just a story, but like all stories has a grain of truth in it. Only the leaders of Avalon Hall know that it is made of such grains, and little else. But sinister powers are always at work. Mordred's father, who broght him back into the world of the living to bring down the fledgling Avalon Hall from within, has also plotted and planned to free him from his prison. And upon finding a world perfect for his son, he has carefully arranged for a new history for him, the very moment he enters that world.

Whackamole's Character

Antonio Bolerati, age 27. Owner of SyndaxCorp, a large drug manufacturer and processor. A little known firm, his business' competitors find themselves mysteriously unlucky, losing top personel mostly inexplicably. While most of the losses pointed to murder, the corporations tend to to overlook Syndax, believing Antonio too 'nice' for the dirty work of hired thugs. However, what they don't know is that Antonio, past his calm and compassionate exterior, believes the other companies out to get him, and his paranoia has lead him to dabble in the occult. His experimentation has lead to several summoned works, all ending bloodily for those around him, yet he has managed to keep one prize of his own, Grak'Zul the Damned.

The day the two met simply passed like any normal summoning; A blood ritual, the death of a young woman, screaming in agony as she was relieved of her life, and unholy chanting to the tune of Vanilla Ice. A demon appeared, an impish and gaunt figure who stared stupidly into Antonio’s eyes. “Too small, kill it.” The men to either side of Antonio, his senior bodyguards and most trusted staff, took the being by the neck and slit it quietly, throwing it away. “One more day, one more wasted virgin. Get rid of her, and at least make sure she doesn’t stay a virgin for long. It’s bad karma.” The circle glowed once more, unbeknownst to Antonio. A short sputter later, and a second demon appeared. Antonio whirled around, his attendants leaping for the new arrival. “This is new, a two for one summoning! Seize it!” More pleased with its stature, he was complacent to attempt to bind it to himself with holy water. However, this plan was crimped with his attendants, as they burst into flames. Quickly padding themselves down, they grabbed for the demon again, who smiled in his reddened state. He put a hand directly into the gut of one of the strongest thugs in the department, rending an intestine and giggling uproariously and he removed it entirely. He sprung around the other man, wrapping the first’s warm entrails around his neck and pulling it tight, asphyxiating his target as he screamed with laughter at the man’s fate. “I am Grak’Zul the Damned, at your service.” Finished with the guard, he turned to Antonio, backed against a wall. “I think you’re acceptable; I offer you my services. It looks like you need them.” He indicated the two dead. “No strings attached, I will even bind my soul to yours in complete dominion. So?”

AND: Alan Rodiozzo, age 35, and Sales and Management consultant to the Sylbax International Drug firm. He clawed his way up the corporate ladder, humiliating and lying past all competition.

Kraggi's Character

Name: Grak'zul the Damned Age: He stopped counting a few millenia ago Gender: Summoned as a male Height: Six feet six inches Build: Athletic Weight: 166 Hair: Greasey and black, slicked back into a ponytail Eyes: Red Skin: Caucasian, almost unnoticably tinted red. Dress: A brown buisness suit, and a pair of aviators. Powers: Is useful in hand to hand combat, as he has had to have more than a few fights in his stints as a summoned demon. Mainly, though, his abilities lie in foul magiks. Able to control fire to a reasonable degree, he is able to summon fire in the palm of his hand, but is unable to throw it. Fire engulfs his hands, or, possibly his whole body(But that would burn his suit). This power comes at a price. The human he has allowed himself to be bound to, Antonio Bolerati, is the unknowing conduit of his power. If Antonio dies, then Grak'zul is banished back to hell. Additionaly, channeling too much power through this human vessel would result in his death, forcing him to weaken himself for his ongoing survival. Personality: Cold. As someone inhuman, he has little to no understanding of human emotion. His only goal is to escape hell permanantly, so that he can finally torture the living instead of the boring old dead. History: As a demon, Grak'zul was tasked with torturing the suicides in the seventh circle of hell. For a time, this was enjoyable, but eventually become dull. In recent centuries, he simply went through the motions because he was told to, and no longer was able to please himself simply by torturing dead souls. It was then he was first summoned to earth to fight, quite possibly the most enjoyable thing he had ever experienced. These bodies were so much more FUN that souls! Sadly, he made the mistake of letting his summoner die, and was banished back to hell, where he went back to his droll day job. He plotted on how to stay, and eventually came into contact with a Mr. Antonio Bolerati. He offered to bind his soul to him, giving him a permenant servant, with no strings attached. Mr. Bolerati gladly agreed, summoning Grak'Zul the Damned back into the world to torture the living once more. Ultimate Goal: Binding himself to the plane of human existance, in order to both increase his power and ability to stay out of hell.

Who?'s character

Note: Mr Jackal is not yet in the Rp, but he is likly to be entering in the future.

Name: Mr. Thomas Jackal

Appearance: He has average length back hair which has no particular stile, despite this the hair looks good, very good. He has burning blue eyes and a “narrow” head. And a unforgettable grin. He is tall and lean, a stature of a gangster, but the look of a double agent; He is nether seen with out a black suit and he dose enjoy champain.

Life style: Extravagant, he goes to all upper class events spinning some joke and swirling some martini and displaying his grin. He also runs a fencing club within his mansion in central Boston, he is extremely talented at it, and out shines all the other members. He also spends time inviting people of importance to his house, interviewing them to see if there business or project deserves funding from Jackal Stocks, although this is rarely the case, in fact he is normally preparing to set the person up to entering a series of events which will normally land them in jail, benefiting the companies he has stocks in, or Leonard’s.

Business: Jackal Stocks it is called, it sells the objects and knowledge Jackal has purchased, or more likely “Inherited.” It also is a big investor, it invests in projects and business buys phenomenal amounts of stocks. The businesses then miraculously do extremely well, raising the value of Jackal’s stocks.

Villainous: Jackal gets a yearly payment from Leonard’s company in return for what ever deeds he may have done. Mr. Jackal is a master con artist, spy, informative and human manipulator; he can make or break any company in under a week, without any way of connecting him to it. The reason that he is so successful on the stock exchange is because he practically controls it. He breaks companies so that in some way he finds some of there more valuable items in his hands and helps a company so that his stocks suddenly become gold, often leaving the company in tatters after he withdraws his stocks. He is also an expert at fire arms, he can kill an entire armed building with any gun.

Reputation: Only Leonard and Jackal’s staff know of his deeds. In the eye of the public he is a wealthy man who runs a good party and benefits the whole of Boston. As Jackal often breaks a company by leading some of its most important people in to arrest, he is in good eyes by the Boston police, he is the beast source of tip-offs they have, but all of these tip-offs are of people who are not real villains, just people who have been placed in the right place at the right time by Jackal, in fact this means that the police is preoccupied with these “planted cases” and therefore Jackal is a good reason why the villains of Boston have grown to the super powers they are to day.

History: Jackal’s parents where nothing more than farmers, but they where determined to send Jackal to a fine school, one way of in Boston. Jackal nether saw his parents in person again since the day he was sent of to boarding school. He no longer cares for them. He found at an early age in the class room that he could manipulate those around him; he was always the one who won the most marbles, the one who had all the friends, the one who always got the girl and the one who always got As on his tests. He left school early to become a grifter and work the long con, and he did. He did this for a while until it was in the plan for the group to grift one Leonard, a new business man on the field. They failed. Jackal at the last moment saw that the plan was all going to come apart and that Leonard would find out, and that he would be sent to jail, so he betrayed his own team. Walked up to Leonard and told him every thing that was going on. His team went to jail and he didn’t. Leonard quickly found out that Jackal was in there team, but didn’t raise the alarm, instead, he offered Jackal a job; to make sure that a finical enemy of Leonard’s was to crash and burn. Jackal did the job perfectly. Since then Jackal has grown in skill. He has become less dependent on Leonard: He is now much more a partner than an employee and he has his own business now.

HammerQueen's Characters

Name: Kailin Beckett Age: 20 Gender: female Height: 5’5” Weight: 124 Hair: black Eyes: magenta Other Appearance: Large eyes and a pretty face, with feathery black hair that comes halfway to her elbows and a very attractive figure. She tends to wear very dark coloured clothing, though this is hardly a rule. Long legs, spider fingers, and very light skin. Her clothing tends to be both pretty and practical: a pretty, durable, loose-skirted dress paired with very opaque stockings or leggings, and fashionable yet steel toed shoes, etc. (Nothing very formal or cutesy though.) As long as she likes her appearance and can move freely, she’ll wear it. Personality: She can seem quite agreeable and friendly, though a look at her history would leave one questioning that. She has impeccable manners, tending to speak formally until she has gotten familiar with someone, and she tends to maintain her cool in most situations. Tends to be rather restrained—she prefers not only to make decisions based on fact, but to also avoid having her emotions used against her, and so tries to keep her feelings subdued and hidden. She can be a very intelligent girl in conversation, and her mind is always working. She takes a rather unusual enjoyment in her work, and is amused by watching people’s reactions to many things. History: At age sixteen she graduated early from high school, having both skipped a year of school and filled all her requirements early. Initially, she intended to go through college, but eventually she got involved with her city’s underground crime scene after attempting to blackmail the Dean of Admissions at the college she wanted to attend. Having decided this scene was more to her liking anyways, she started by learning whatever she could (and rather quickly as well), then began manipulating and charming her way through various groups, gaining information and their leaders’ trusts and then destroying them in whatever way suited her most. Not averse to fighting and even killing, she is blackmailing and fighting her way into a place of relative safety—the kind of safety a mafia boss might have. Now fairly comfortable in life, she continues in her business of deceit and murder. She has an interesting knowledge of poisons, fighting styles, and knives. She’s attractive enough to even use seduction, though it usually ends in social destruction or (less often) death. Recently, an incubus has tried to seduce her, failing so completely that he fell in love with her, and now acts on her every whim. She has not underestimated this opportunity, and has taken full advantage of it. In his eagerness to appease her, he has given her a little power—the ability to cast and control minor illusions. The two have an interesting and strange relationship. On occasion she acts with affection toward him, though whether it is due to a genuine liking or the knowledge that this is the best way to keep him in her power is unclear. Abilities: control over an incubus, martial arts, very astute, minor illusion-casting

Name: Dante Age: unknown Height: six feet Weight: 150 pounds Hair: Black with violet ends in the front, longer part Eyes: Slightly toxic green, or black with too-large irises Other appearance: Natural: Lightly muscled, very attractive, medium-sized, tattered wings that he can consciously grow or shrink (to a degree; usually they only come down to his waist), silky, slightly spiky, longish hair, light skin with a pale sheen of gold. A strange, wicked smile, with pointed eyeteeth, slightly too-long fingers, very smooth movements. His nails are oddly adequate for scratching—not actually pointed, they are nonetheless quite sharp. Human: Eyes a less vivid green with normal-sized irises, hair less silky, no wings, no gold sheen to skin. His fingers are closer to human length, his nails and teeth are normal, but his movements are still catlike. Despite common myths regarding incubi and succubae as creatures that force themselves upon others, he clearly does not need to do that; in either form he has an interesting ability to make (most) females want to sleep with him on sight. This ability does not extend to Kailin, much to his dismay. Personality: Devoted to Kailin, but unable to seduce her or even ascertain any feelings of affection from her, he follows her around semi-hopelessly. He will do anything for her, including seduce and kill. (Although he would prefer to seduce her…) He is prone to moments of jealousy and argument, brooding, and determination, but also strange optimism and cheerfulness. Incapable of hiding what emotion he does feel as Kailin does, this tends to either annoy or amuse her. He is content to let her make some decisions for him, but frequently tires of being used without actually getting anything in return. As an incubus, romance is not exactly something he’s naturally adept at, but he’s been attempting in hopes of gaining Kailin’s affections…unfortunately, he’s not entirely certain what is construed as romantic either. History: For centuries, Dante worked as many an incubus does—seducing girls and draining them of their energy. He lived as do many incubi, seducing and living in a rather nice pocket of oblivion. Then one day, spying an attractive young girl, he made a mistake. After failing to seduce her several nights in a row, he ended up frequently stopping just to visit…and eventually pledging loyalty to her, having fallen for her. Now he does anything to please her, hoping desperately that he’ll eventually win her over….and get to seduce her. Abilities: seduction, invisibility, energy drain (via seduction)

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