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Heyo, fish here, well I think you would know that since you clicked on my name, well regardless... So as it stands I'm only working on one story right now Three sisters

Anyway, about 136 pages so far on it and I'm planning to do more as time goes on, to sum it up its a story were you get it on with your sisters, in the living room, bathroom, in their rooms and even in the car. As it stand I'm only working on the first day right now but there will be 3 full days of sexy times, depending on your actions different scene will open up, but be warned not all endings are good ones so be careful where you stick your dick. Fuck,suck and plow your way through the weekend until your parents get home, there are going to be special endings and extra people you can fuck along the way if you find the right paths.

Enjoy my writings for what they are right now as they will be updated after the first day is fully written out but I figure that is going to be awhile till then.

Don't know if others can leave comments but feel free to Skype me at Tapdancingflash if you have any idea's or wish to submit something. I'm pretty open to new ideas or even grammar checks so feel free to drop me a line, I don't check my Skype every day but I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

News- Just got one branch of the story to day one! Wooooh! Have fun finding it but the story stops there for right now. 5:55 14 August, 2014

Update- Finished off another branch for day one! Been working a lot on Nicole, so if you get around to finding her have some fun, in more ways than one. ;D

You might want to check the pages in your story. Some of them don't have the category correct. I fixed a couple, but I'm sure there are more. --Elerneron

Ya I've been meaning to get around too that, just been working on the story more than anything else but thank you very much for doing that for me, most thankful, have a cookie *gives cookie* -Tapdancingfish

Hey Tapdancingfish. When can we expect you to resume your work on this wonderful story of yours? Some of us are dying for you to go on. -Realkont

Sorry I have inactive for awhile, truth be told I forgot my password and then forgot about the project but if you want I can continue onwards once again, right now I'm working on another story called Mind over matter though I have just started. 2/19/2015 -Tapdancingfish

Hi Tapdancingfish. I realy enjoyed this story so far and it would be realy nice if u would resume writing it. Can't wait to get to day 2. -Bad Ro

I agree with Bad Ro. Please continue this story, kind sir. Where the stories of Rose and Nicole end is just too much. Their stories must go on! Thank you for your great work. -Realkont

Oh, and I just read Bayley's end to day 1. Very hot scene. I can't wait to see what you've got in store for us. -Realkont

Hey Tapdancingfish. Sorry to keep posting, I won't post again until you do, but I have a question. Do you still use that skype you posted awhile back? Thanks. -Realkont

Hey guys! Thank you so much for taking interest in my story, I'm glad someone out their enjoys my work (you dirty pervs lol). First off I would like to apologize that I haven't posted anything in a while. Life, work, school, things have been busy recently. As for updates go I might start working on it again if anyone still have interest in Three sisters. Right now I'm working on another story (not nearly as sex filled as of yet) called My Little Neko. My Skype account is still working so if you wish to show any interest in my story just send me a message. -Tapdancingfish 5/19/15 3:something

Hey Tap. It's good to see that you're still alive and kicking. I personally would enjoy reading more of your work on Three Sisters, and I have a feeling I'm not alone on that. It's a great story with lots of potential. Thanks for not forgetting about your perverted fans over here! -Realkont

Yo. Mind if you or anyone else could alter the page "Punish her" for the red-haired woman so that, you know, the protagonist wasn't seeming as though he was or is going to enjoy raping her or having an entirely different punishment? Seriously, if your idea was to make her a Jerkass Woobie or The Woobie in general (look up TV Tropes), you've done it by vilifying the protagonist and making him seem a monster. --Fredhot16 07:39, 21 March 2016 (Louisiana time)


Re I saw your post re: CYOS and whether or not people still contribute. If you are interested, you can start a new wiki at (that's the URL) and request a new project. You can either start from scratch or migrate over some of the content from here later. offers free hosting at .wiki domains, uses MediaWiki, and is maintained and backed up regularly. -JOR 16:52, 29 July 2015 (UTC)

Thanks for the new content, TDF. I appreciate that you haven't let this story die yet. It's starting to get hot with Nicole. Looking forward to penetration with her. -Realkont

@Realknot- I try lol, glad you like it. I enjoy working on it but finding time is difficult -Tapdancingfish 9:25 Pm, August 17, 2015

Hey TDF. Thanks for remastering this beast of a story. I'm sure we're all looking forward to the new version. -Realkont

It's good to see you haven't let this story die. Are you gonna be writing about Rose and Nicole soon? : p

Hey y'all sorry I haven't update anything in awhile. Been really busy. I'll try and get some new stuff up this week but no promises. -TapdancingFish 2:08 Am, 6/10/16

Back again! And I've added a few new scenes with Bayley and Nicole(though not very much with her). I think there's about 10 new scenes of material as well as about 25 remastered scenes. You can find the new Bayley scenes after dealing with Rose and going to your room. The Nicole scenes are when you play games with her. Ill probably finish the Nicole gaming part next week and then move on from there. -Tapdancingfish 8:37 6/16/16

Are you still working on Three Sisters?

I really like this story, could you maybe post a few new pages? --Durzan 03:14, 20 March 2018 (UTC)

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