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Heyo, Tapdancingfish here, well I think you would know that since you clicked on my name, well regardless... So as it stands I'm only working on one story right now Three sisters

Anyway, about 136 pages so far on it and I'm planning to do more as time goes on, to sum it up its a story were you get it on with your sisters, in the living room, bathroom, in their rooms and even in the car. As it stand I'm only working on the first day right now but there will be 3 full days of sexy times, depending on your actions different scene will open up, but be warned not all endings are good ones so be careful where you stick your dick. Fuck,suck and plow your way through the weekend until your parents get home, there are going to be special endings and extra people you can fuck along the way if you find the right paths.

Enjoy my writings for what they are right now as they will be updated after the first day is fully written out but I figure that is going to be awhile till then.

Don't know if others can leave comments but feel free to Skype me at Tapdancingflash if you have any idea's or wish to submit something. I'm pretty open to new ideas or even grammar checks so feel free to drop me a line, I don't check my Skype every day but I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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