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Here is a little thread called Hypno Halloween - By stacey kay



This story will/does contain a multitude of adult themes, including but not limited to adult language, erotic hypnosis, crossdressing, bondage, bisexual activities, and less than consensual activities, among others. If you're too young for this type of story or in an location that does not permit this sort of story, please find somewhere else to go.

If you're still interested, please keep reading and enjoy the tale!!


This is a lovely, little, twisted tale from the depths of my mind with a dozens potential twists and turns as you delve through various queries. It's a fantasy of sorts and, as with all personal fantasies, there are some things are things i'd like to experience in reality, some i'm too afraid to do without cajouling, some are too far fetched to be possible, and some are just too damn dangerous to even consider. As the reader, i will leave which are which to your own mind, but wouldn't be above discussing them at the proper time with the right people either. Regardless, let reality suspend for a moment and enjoy the show you get to help decide the path i go down. ;-)


Work in progress This is something i'm just starting out and i plan to have all sorts of twists and turns to choose from, but i ask my fellow authors to let me finish my bits before i open it up to other edits. Once i finish my bit, i plan to open it up to others to make their own dovetails as they see fit within constraints i'll put forward at the time.


To the world i'm just a regular guy. Well, a regular, overweight, middle aged, balding, white guy. So average in fact that many people mistaken me for someone else, just as normal. But this tale takes me through finally taking the plunge and putting myself out there to get into shape. It spans 6 months leading up to Halloween in a methodical plan to final live out a fantasy in real life. Its been considered before... even planned out, but never actually done. The fortitude to stick to it gets lost along the way. So this time a little less... conventional... methods are introduced.

With the help of a chance acquaintance, I use my mental powers against my own minds natural tendancies, modern appliances and theatrical techniques to spend an entire night as close I can become to a radiantly, beautiful, feminine woman everyone sees as just another girl letting down her hair to enjoy a not of fun and perhaps a bit of debauchery. Just be careful as you help me with choices... I may get in over my head and get more than I barginned for. Be careful what you wish for; you might just get it.

On with the show!

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