Heroes of Olympus

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It has been a year since the war with Gaea, and since the latest Great Prophecy.

All of the heroes are gathered in Bunker Nine, which has become the meeting place for the Argonauts. It has been months since Leo showed up on Festus with Calypso, which surprised everyone. Percy and Calypso made amends, but Calypso's heart is now with Leo. Jason and Piper are happily staying in Camp Half Blood, along with Percy and Annabeth, who leave to go to school in New Rome at times. Nico has become a more casual person, still distant, but also present at both Camps. Hazel and Frank both stay in Camp Jupiter together, with Reyna by their side.

Today is a special day, a dangerous day. Rachel has called all the Argonauts together for an emergency meeting. She has sensed and new Great Prophecy.

The Argonauts all have gathered in Bunker Nine to hear this Prophecy, all worried. When Nico, the last to arrive, appears from the shadows, green mist flows in, surrounding Rachel as the all-too-familiar green aura envelopes her. As usual, when she speak her voice sounds like it is cracked into three parts.

Heroes who once were Argo's Crew

Must once more answer the call

Four pairs will become untrue

The Time of Olympians will come to a fall

Giants and Titans will rise as two

Unless these Heroes can save them all

The group sat in silence for a moment before analyzing the Prophecy.

"Wait, so now we have to save the gods?" Leo questioned.

"Four pairs? Umm, guys, there are four couples here." Frank put in.

"Giants and Titans? Have I mentioned how much I hate them?" Percy groaned.

"Umm...guys. There is another verse." Rachel weakly said.

All eyes turned to her as she took a deep breath. When she spoke the green faintly reappeared, and her voice was shattered.

The Heroes, strong and great Must with the Chosen repopulate

The whole group sat in stunned silence for longer than a Hundred-Handed One could count on all his fingers.

"So, that's what it means by untrue." Annabeth whispered.


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