Golden Shower Magic

From Create Your Own Story

You are walking down the street catching an occasional glimpse of yourself in the shop windows. At 45, you have a slight bulge in your gut, which is better than a lot of your friends. You have no problem getting your flag to salute when needed, which is better than a couple of guys you know. Men in their 40s generally don't have a problem with ED, but it is always something to worry about.

Your wife of 25 years still looks good, but gravity is starting to take a toll. You don't mind the stretch marks that are on her tits, but your wife refuses to let them out for you to play with. You have an OK sex life, if you consider once a month good, but it is better than some. You know one guy that hasn't had sex with his wife in over six months.

You have two kids, a boy and a girl, that have both moved out and living their own lives. You know what the whole empty nester deal is, and the toll it is taking on you and your wife. Not having the kids around means more time to be alone with each other. That would be great if your wife were in the mood more, but that has not been the case. This means there has been more fighting lately, but you know you and your wife will work it out. You always do.

You are brought out of your thoughts by a shriek. You look up and see an old woman, maybe ancient would be a better description. She is screaming and pointing at some punk that just grabbed her purse. You hate when people target the elderly and want to help, but if you are late your wife will kill you.

Do you:

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