GSM/Help the old lady

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Knowing that your wife is not the most forgiving type, you risk your life and run after the punk that grabbed her purse. It does not take long for you to catch up to him and knock him to the ground. While he is down, you give him a good kick in his side and say, "Didn't anyone teach you to respect your elders, punk!" It was not a question, but a statement.

You pick up the purse and job back to the old lady. She smiles at you through a mix of missing and broken teeth and says, "Thanks."

You fight to hold your ground. The smell of her breath is rancid, with just a hint of death. You don't know how you manage it, but you don't flinch. Instead, you manage a smile of your own and say, "Don't mention it."

The old woman grabs your arm and you feel as if she has claws that have dug into your arm. The old lady says, "I must reward you."

Not flinching, or stepping back, is becoming more difficult. You want to tell her to leave you alone, but instead, say, "You don't have to give me a reward."

The old woman pulls you close and says, "As a gypsy witch, I must. I am bound."

The old woman calling herself a witch does not make you blink at all. You think she looks the part, so why not. You say, "That really isn't necessary." Tears are starting to come out of your eyes due to the odor being released from her mouth.

The old woman says, "I'm going to give you special magic. You cannot refuse."

Knowing that it is better to accept than argue, since you hope it will get you away from that breath sooner, you say, "OK."

The old woman lets out a breath that is worse than anything you have ever smelled and you want to run away and burn your clothes. She says something that sounds like, 'urine,' but you can't be certain. Then she asks, "Are you married?"

Despite all of your instincts telling you to run away, you say, "Yes.'

She nods and says, "Good. Men should be married." Then she reaches into her purse and pulls out a pen and some old paper. She starts scrawling something and says, "I am writing your instructions for your magic." She looks down and keeps scrawling. Then she stops and hands you the paper.

You take it and glance at it. The paper says something about 3 steps, but you don't read it all. You put it in your pocket and hole the old lady is done. You are happy when you see she is not expecting a hug. Rather she has started to walk away.

You get home, but your wife isn't there. You are saved by what must have been traffic. You let yourself in your house and reach in to get the paper. You plan on throwing it away, but decide to read it first, if for no other reason than it could be funny.

The first part tells you to let two drops of your urine hit your wife's pillow everyday for two weeks. This will cause your wife to have dreams where she will desire you. After 2 weeks, your wife will be more receptive to sex. You are tempted to throw the paper away, but the idea of having a more sexually receptive wife would be a nice change.

It is such a strange thing that you fold up the paper and don't bother reading anything else. You know there are 2 other steps, but can only concentrate on the first one.

Do you:

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