Girlngirl Dorms

From Create Your Own Story

This is a story about a Year one lesbian slut in college… and a direct sequel to Girlngirl High

Essential Info

Name: Naomi Lesbon

Age: 18

Body: Blonde hair; Wide hips; Tight, round butt; 34 FFF cup size.

Backstory: Back in high school, you were the most popular lesbian there was, having sex with almost every single student in the academy and the entire school faculty. But now that you have graduated from all that, you plan on starting college at an all-girl private university. You just moved out of your old home and are about to move in to the school dormitory.

You give out a deep breath as your mom drops you off the parking lot. You exit the car and get all your belongings from the trunk. You are pursuing a higher education now, and you want to start life anew. And this place is the first stop in your new adventure.

You sure you don’t need my help?

I got this,” you tell her, knowing of the challenge ahead.

Alright. Have fun, sweetie.

And you follow the stone path to your new home.

What do you do?

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