Girlngirl High

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This is a story about a Yr12 lesbian slut in high school.

Essential information

Name: Naomi Lesbon

Age: 17

Dream Job: Lesbian Call Girl

Body: Blonde. Tight ass. Collosal breasts.

Past: Your parents had a divorce just as high school started. A month later, your mom became a lesbian and married a nudist named Sammy. Mom quickly adopted the nudist lifestyle as well. With your best friend, Karen, you both had your cherries popped by your step-mom, at your 14th birthday. Now, with your new found sexual desire, you became the lesbian slut at the all girl high school, having sex with other students. Not only that, you eventually started having sex with the principal and some other teachers.

Now it begins

You wake up. It is 6 am, and you realize that you are naked, when you slowly get out of the hard bed and admire yourself in the mirror you get horny. You start to rub your panties but stop as you remember it is Monday, a school day. You have a shower and get dressed resisting the urge to pleasure yourself. You step downstairs and notice your mom and step-mom naked, sucking each others pussies. A regular occurrence at home ever since Sammy moved in all those years ago. Mom notices you.

"Hey--mmm--honey, you--oh--want to join us?" she asks. "Yes! Just like that Sammy!"

"No thanks," you reply. "I gotta go to school today, remember?"

Mom pushes Sammy away from her throbbing clit, "You're right. It's Monday, isn't it? Want me to take you?"

What do you say?

Don't care about the story and just want to see the lesbian scenes? Well, now you can with this quick link!

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