Your room, with the twins

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"I'm sure your happy to stay in your own room, but are the twins all right for roommates?"

"Yeah, there cool I guess," you say. In reality, you couldn't be more stoked. The twins! The hottest women in Minnesota, hell, probably even the mid-west, are going to be changing in your room! You just can't believe your luck.

"Just make sure they're not getting black-out drunk like last year, okay?" says your mother.

"Okay. Yeah that was pretty embarrassing, don't want that to be happening again."

"So I can trust you on this?"

"Mom. I hate people who drink like they do, and I can tell you none of that will be happening in my room."

"Okay thank you honey."

"You bet. When are they supposed to get here, its gotta be pretty soon?"

"The gang will all be here in a couple hours, if you could go clean up your room, that'd be great"

Clean up your room

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