You say hello

From Create Your Own Story

Always game for a new experience, you turn to the young man and offer him a closed-mouth half smile while you looked him up and down. He was thin, despite his babyish cheeks, and muscular in build. He was a little taller than you, but only a little. Certainly short enough to be able to stand and make out with without any awkwardness that arises from too much height difference.

"Hi", you say

The young man blushes, turning red from the top of his head to his neck. Sensing the sudden rush of blood to his face, not only with your eyes, but also with your nose, you are quite turned on.

"Hi," he replies, "What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?"

You frown. He thinks you're a girl, and you're reminded, yet again, just how androgynous you actually are. You know that you have a pretty face, and your inability to really grow any facial hair makes it even more like a woman's. Thinking about it, you realize that your choice in baggy clothing that would potentially hide breasts if you had them, didn't help matters.

You tell the man that you're actually a man

You smile and let him think you're female

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