You lead him into the bedroom.

From Create Your Own Story

You trip backwards onto the bed and pull the man down with you. His belt falls to the floor with a clatter and you help him slide off his pants and underwear. As soon as he is as naked as you his hands are slipping inside your pussy, making you moan. He's ravenous and you are too; his fingers slip in and out of you rapidly. Soon you are moaning and writhing on the bed as he sucks your tit, circling it with his tongue, and fingers your pussy until you cum, your pussy squirting all over his hand.

While you pant heavily and close your eyes from pleasure, the man moves up over your face. He shoves his cock down into your mouth and you taste sweet wetness from your pussy still covering his manhood. He thrusts his pelvis up and down hard, his dick sliding in and out of your mouth. You suck him as hard as you can and he thrusts harder, shoving his cock into your throat now. Your fingers claw at his skin, forcing him down into you further.

The taste of precum is in your mouth now and you suck the man's dick one last time before he shoves his cock deep down your throat and squirts a huge load into you. You swallow and grab his ass hard, making sure he stays in you. The man moans above you and you feel his meat seize one more time as he shoos a second load into your mouth. He pulls away as you swallow and falls onto the bed beside you.

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Your Apartment

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Level #1
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