Worlds End

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It's been a long day at work. As a New York Stock Exchange day trader you don't get much rest. Your day is filled with the constant stress of working on the floor of the NYSE. Screaming, pushing, shouting; it's all in a day's work.

But now, none of that matters as you return to your apartment on the 36th floor of the newly built residential highrise. You're feeling kinda hungry so you check the fridge. "One left over meal... great..." you say to yourself sarcastically as you pop it into the microwave.

The night passes slowly as you waste away a few hours watching late-night television and finishing up a few phone calls to coworkers confirming stock rumors and other tips. At around 12:30, you're feeling tired, and you head to your bedroom. You set your clock for 7:30am sharp and before you get into bed you look out the large metal-framed window adjacent to your nightstand. The streets are still busy; cars are honking and people are going, well... wherever people go at 12:30 at night. You turn off the lights and get into bed. You fall asleep almost instantly.

At 7:30am sharp, your alarm goes off almost as planned. The annoying static of the radio screeches loudly and you slowly turn over to wonder why radio 1130 KDVF isn't on air with "Drew's Smell the Coffee and Wake Up" radio program. But you're too tired to think at the moment and you click the static of the alarm OFF. You lazily get out of bed and stretch your arms into the air, hearing the cracking of your stiffened bones. But at that moment you notice something is undoubtedly wrong...

As you glance out of your window like you do every morning, you are horrified to see that the streets are empty. There are no cars, no people walking to work... not a soul to be seen.

As you rub your eyes in disbelief, you think of your next move...

Do you:


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