Watch her for a bit

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Helena keeps reading her book, flipping through the pages, oblivious to your presence. She kicks her legs idly as she reads, causing her skirt to ride up a little, giving you a better view of her creamy white thighs. You can even see a bit of her panties.

Then she apparently finally feels the weight of your eyes on her, and turns her head towards you. Seeing you, she starts, turning over on the bed suddenly. In doing so, her skirt hikes up around her waist, showing much more of her panties, which were much more sexy than what you allowed your daughters to wear.

"Dad!" She squeals. "Creep much?" She pulls off her headphones and tosses them aside, looking at you impetuously. Then she realizes what you're looking at, and hurriedly pulls down her skirt.

"Geez, you pervert," she complains sullenly. "I'm your daughter, and you're way too old for me anyway. You shouldn't be staring at me like that. Now how about some privacy?"

Who does she think she's talking to? You're her father. She owes you a little respect, doesn't she?

Do you:

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