Visit ungrateful rebel child Helena

From Create Your Own Story

Helena is always disobeying you and getting into trouble. You have to keep a constant eye on her. Now is as good a time as any. You go to her room. The door is shut, but you removed the locks from your children's doors long ago. You open the door.

The room is fairly dark. Helena has dark curtains over the window, with the shades drawn, and there is paper taped over the windows, blocking out sunlight. Candles alone light the room. Posters of some boys and musicians cover the walls. You'll have to take them down later.

Helena is on the bed, lying on her stomach and reading a book. She's listening to her MP3 player, loud enough that you can hear hints of her improper music even from the doorway, instead of the Christian music you tried to get her to listen to, and at more quiet levels. She's wearing the uniform from the Catholic school all of your children went to, although you suspect she's done something to the skirt to make it darker colored than it is supposed to be. She doesn't notice that you've entered the room.

Do you:

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