Victoriana X

From Create Your Own Story

"There is a world, much like ours but with key diffences, elsewhere in the multiverse. This world is called Victoriana, and it is currently in what we would call the Victorian age. The key differences between this world and ours is the existance of what we would call fantastical races, the presence of magic, and an eternal struggle between two rivaling factions of magical beings, one of whom holds themselves to be the protectors of Order, although many have been tainted by the subforce of Order called Dogma. Their rivals are the forces of Chaos, personified by the demonic faction called the Pale Court... There are of course subworlds, such as one in which the Pale Court is entirely dominant behind the scenes. This is, of course, a lust world." -Professor Heildeland, Multiversal Academy, on the world of Victoriana.

You are an inhabitant of just such a world, a world where, since the last great battle, Order has vanished from existance entirely, leaving the Pale Court alone to rule behind the scenes and plot for when they may ascend truly. You knew nothing of this, until you found the books of a dead gnome demonologist. It took you a few weeks, but you deciphered what they were saying. You always wanted to have power over people, and to live out your sexual fantisies in reality, so you decided to use everything you'd just found, for your own pleasure. Say, who are you?

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