Use what God has given you, finger yourself.

From Create Your Own Story

You jump back onto your bed, spreading your toned legs wide. Your shaved pussy glistens as you bring your middle finger to your clit. You rub it furiously as you moan loudly. You put your finger into your cunt, as you aid your clit with your other hand. You start out slow, bringing your finger out, than slamming it back in. You go faster and faster as your moans get louder. You add your ring and index finger into your wet hole. Your pussy walls stretch your tight hole, but your juices make it very easy to slide them in and out. Suddenly,you hit your G-spot. Your pussy clamps onto your fingers as your honey makes the bed sheets wet. Screaming, your orgasm dies down. "Oh fuck, (your name)," comes a voice inside your closet. You gasp, what should you do?

Health Horny Equipment:

Your Apartment

MP #
Level #1
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