Try to get it out of the drain

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As you bend over to attempt pulling the sliver of soap out of the drain, your tight pussy is exposed and you feel two fingers slide in. You gasp and feel your ass move up into their hand as they hit your g-spot. Turning your head you see your boyfriend standing naked just outside the shower. He smiles at you and beings to slide his fingers in and out of you, then starts rubbing your clit. You moan loudly and clutch at the shower wall for support.

"Yeah baby," he says, stepping into the shower and grabbing your hand to place it on his rock solid cock. "I know you love that." You begin to rub your hand up and down as he continues sliding his long fingers in and out of your soaking pussy.

"Nick," you pant in between moans as you get closer and closer to climax, "what are you doing here?"

"I came to surprise you, but when I walked in you were rubbing your pussy I couldn't make myself interrupt."

You're about to respond when he suddenly pulls his cock away from your hand and shoves it deep inside you in place of his fingers. Your words turn into a scream of pleasure as he hits your g-spot with the tip of his huge dick. He grabs your hip with one hand and tit with another, massaging you while he slams his fat sausage into your tight pussy. You're moaning so loud he laughs and puts his hand over your mouth to keep you quiet.

"Shh, babe, shh," he says, "you wouldn't want the neighbors to interrupt before I can cum in your tight, wet pussy."

You bite down on his finger to keep yourself from screaming, but a moan escapes your lips. He thrusts faster and faster, spearing your insides. You feel a tingling sensation and you're out of breath, and suddenly you feel the inside of your pussy get hot and you can't help yourself. As you let go of your boyfriend's finger to scream in pleasure while you climax, Nick seizes up and thrusts his cock as deep as it can go inside your pussy, releasing a huge load of cum.

You collapse into the shower wall in front of you and he pulls out of you, massaging his still-hard penis with his hand, smiling down at you.

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Your Apartment

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Level #1
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