To-Do List

From Create Your Own Story

  • Go through and fix or remove status indicators from pages.
    • Some are not needed in certain stories and were copied and pasted from the template. Please edit the template to fit the story.
    • Some are missing the level and MP statuses from the line of code.
  • Remove off-topic pages.
  • Correct capitalization and spelling mistakes.
  • Add a basic, or main, timeline of background events during the period that the character is making choices in - those events are usually out of the character's control. This will help add consistency.
  • Pages with major spelling, grammar or other problems, but not problems that render the page spam and a candidate for deletion, should be categorized in the Pages Requiring Attention Category to get other editors to help fix it up. If a page is not yet complete, add it to Category:Pages Under Construction so people know the editor is still working on it and it does not need to have someone improve it.
  • Story Endings should be categorized with Category:Endings.
  • Erase red links or fill them with the required content.
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