The corridor

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Jadzia's curiosity drove her to investigate the noise.

Quietly she slipped forward and listened to the moaning. It was pleasurable and was not too quiet. She thought she knew one of the two male voices.

When Jadzia looked cautiously around the corner, she could dimly see a threesome. A woman knelt on all fours, in front of her a Ferengi sat on the floor, her head in his lap. A second Ferengi fucked her from behind.

In addition, a third Ferengi, Jadzia believed, was further down the corridor. She couldn't tell what he was doing except that he was rubbing his cock.

Jadzia crept as close as she could and watched.

The Ferengi who sat on the floor was Fruk, a waiter from Quark's. The second, fucking the woman from behind, was Nog. She couldn't recognize the third Ferengi.

The woman was Helen, a human Dabo girl from Quark's. She was a bit smaller than Dax. She had a figure like an hourglass: big tits, a super slim waist and a sweeping rear that she could wiggle incredibly sexily. She was the sort of woman that humans call a Latina. Dax occasionally had a lesbian fantasy about Helen and now she felt horny as well so she rubbed her breasts.

What does Jadzia do?

Equipment Uniform, Tricorder,
Location Corridor outside turbolift nine
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