The Johnson Family/Jessica/Remain

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It doesn't seem fair for her to disturb him, while he's sleeping so peacefully, so she decides to stay, awhile, and let him sleep on. However, it's a little uncomfortable, with his head wedged between her breasts, and he'd managed to slightly lift her tee-shirt, somehow, exposing her midriff. Still, she cradles his head, since there wasn't much she could do, in the position she was in.

After awhile, Jessica feels something prodding against her stomach and, even though she'd never felt one before, she instantly realises what it is. Since he's young, it's still pretty small, however, that's all it takes to have Jessica blushing wildly, in embarrassment. She doesn't want to touch it, or even see; but she also didn't want it hanging out, next to her.

Reaching down, with her free hand, she starts to feel around and, as she feels the bare skin of her brother's leg, she quickly works out why.

"You kicked them off, didn't you?" She asks, under her breath.

Trying again, only reaching down further, she grabs at the waistline of his pyjama bottoms; but only ends up pushing his wanton explorer into her navel. Letting out a squeak of surprise, she yanks his pyjamas back up, before getting out of bed and wiping her stomach.

"So gross."

Walking over to her wardrobe, she pulls her tee-shirt over her head, letting her firm breasts jiggle freely, until she hears a giggle, from the bed, behind her. Using a quick hand-bra, she turns, to find James awake, and grinning, on the bed. Seems all the movement has woken him up.

"Why do you cover your chest?" He asks, sincerely.

"Because I'm a girl, and we have to."

"But why?"

"You'll find out when you're older."

He doesn't seem satisfied with that answer; but, having moved closer, he's found himself in with a chance of discovering the answer to another one of life's great mysteries. Reaching out, and grabbing the sides of her panties, he yanks them down, as hard as he can; but Jessica is slightly faster, grabbing the front just before anything could show.

"That's it! Get out of my room!" She says, as she pulls her panties back into place.

"I won't do it again, just let me stay." He pleads.


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