The Johnson Family/Jessica/Get a shower

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Gently lifting James up, Jessica moves her arm out from under him. Still asleep, he tries to cling onto her shirt; but she manages to get him off.

Moving over to her wardrobe, she pulls her tee-shirt over her head, letting her breasts bounce free from her sleepwear, before pulling down her panties and throwing on her dressing-gown. After giving James a quick kiss on the forehead, she goes to find Minnie and wash up.

While Robin can take care of herself, Minnie still needs help washing herself, so Jessica normally shares a shower with her, in the mornings, to help her, until she learns to do it, herself. Mum always takes James, as Jessica doesn't feel comfortable bathing with him.

As usual, Minnie isn't in her room, but wandering around the house, forcing Jessica to search for her. Michael was up and, like usual, is watching her dressing-gown like a hawk, waiting for the slightest wardrobe malfunction. He'd never gotten anything out of it, before; but it didn't seem to keep him from trying. He seems to be clutching his stomach, though; either he's ill or he was annoying Robin, again. Odds are it was the latter.

She finds Minnie jumping about, in the living room, and gets her into the bathroom.

"Hurry up and get your clothes off," Jessica says, tossing her dressing-gown over the radiator, "We're going to be late."

Minnie slips her bottoms off, but, as she pulls off her top, she gets stuck. Jessica kneels down and helps the young girl get untangled.

They step into the shower, and rinse under the warm water, before Jessica helps her sister lather up her body. Minnie giggles, as Jessica rubs the cold shower cream over her stomach and down her thighs.

"Surely, you can do this yourself, by now, Minnie."

"But I like when you do it more."

Patting Minnie's head, Jessica says, "You'll have to grow up, sometime."

"I'll grow up, when I have these," Minnie gropes at her sister's chest.

"Seriously, you're as bad as your brothers."

They finish washing and dry themselves off, before heading back to their rooms to get changed.

As Jessica closes the door, she begins to loosen the front of her dressing gown, only to cover herself up, again, remembering her nocturnal visitor. James is sitting on the edge of the bed, watching intently. Opening her mouth, she goes to tell him off, but gets cut off by the creak of the door opening.

"Hope I'm not disturbing you, but I need to borrow James," Debra says, "It's bath time for him."

It's clear their mother has only gotten out of bed, from the mess of her long hair and that she's still in her nightie.

Jessica smiles, "Perfect timing."

Bending over, Debra waves James over, involuntarily giving an eyeful of the large mounds on her chest; an eyeful that James is more than willing to follow, as he dashes over and embraces his mother.

"Run along to the bathroom, dear; mummy will be in, in a minute."


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