The Devils Daughter

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Warning! This story is not politically correct! The actions, ideas and subjects explored in this story are pure fantasy and 
should  stay that way. If you do not enjoy reading about this sort of things or have trouble seeing difference between fantasy and 
reality, STOP  NOW. 
Story codes so far: MF, Mf, mF, mf, orgy, gang, bd, beast, blackmail, ds, humil, inc (mother/daughter), interr, magic, Mdom, Fdom, 
nc, rape, oral, preg, sad, light scat, ws, solo, tort, toys, demonic, rim, sacrilegious. 
Feel free to add to this story, but remember the main objective and I would
like this story to have somewhat of a dark tone. I will also keep adding to this story. (Fletcher Peninsula)

The Devil's Daughter

You are Sharon Abrahamson, a teenage girl who also happens to be a Satanic cult member. You have been ordered by your cult leader Vladimir to assist in the summoning of an Archdemon to bring about the Apocalypse. Your task is to find three females who would willingly sacrifice their lives for this event.

Under normal circumstances this would be a non-issue, however there is a rule; a rule that must be followed, else the ritual will fail. This rule is that those who are to be sacrificed must not be worshipers of Satan before they agree to be sacrificed. Therein lies the challenge.

The rest of the cult is working on other necessary requirements to summon the Archdemon, so you are alone in finding the necessary women. If it is required, however, you may request help from individual members of the cult, in order to aid you in convincing the women to give up their lives.

And so, your adventure begins...

You are 18 and still in school. You live at home with your mother Anna (your father is dead) She knows nothing of your dark mission and is very bitchy about your satanic lifestyle. The day begins as you wake up. It’s up to you to find the sacrificial females, good hunting!

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