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Story Number Of Pages Notes
Camp to Remember (Gay) 22 (Public)
Can't I come over? 1 (Private)
Carnival Fuck 15 (Do Not Edit)
Casa Stregata 12 (Private)
Cassie's Horrible Family 49 (Public) - A narrative interactive story with a planned out storyline, please adhere to the plot (includes humiliation, nudity, scat, creepy-crawlies)
Catgirl Adventures 14 (Do Not Edit) One ending so far.
Catherine's Tale 2 (Do Not Edit)
Celeb Harem 25 (Public)
Celebrities! 100 (Public)
Celia's Sex 121 (Public)
Cecilia 24 (Public)
The Cell 7 (Private)
Cellar Door 31 (Public)
Cheer Camp 10 (Public) Pit watchlist, last edit 11/27/2013, only 7 pages.
Choose Your Destiny 92 (Public)
Choose your path 2 (Public)
Christmas Night 8 (Private)
Clementine on her own 223 (Public)
Clementine x Sarah 35 (Public)
CLM 39 (Public)
College: A Virgin's Fantasy 60 (Do Not Edit)
College Fuck Adventure 0 (Public)
College Gay Exploration 0 (Private)
College Girls 487 (Public)
College Girl's Wish 15 (Public)
+College Revamped 11 (Do Not Edit)
College Threesome FFM - Denial and Teasing 10 (Do Not Edit)
Coma 5 (Public)
Comic Adventure 2 (Public)
Companionship 4 (Private)
Complete Domination 43 (Public)
A Confident Man 3 (Private)
Corporate 1 (Private)
Corrupt me 110 (Public)
Context 8 Not sure what it is yet...only adult because I may have adult situations, not because it is an adult based story.
Country Girl 60 (Public)
A Craigslist Adventure 21 (Public) read writers notes at bottom of page W.I.P
Creating Chaos 18 (Public)
A Cumflation Story 57 (Public)
Curse of the Royals 7 (Private)
Cute Alayne 7 (Do Not Edit)
Cyber.void 6 (Do Not Edit) (Private)
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