Tell her to give you those improper panties

From Create Your Own Story

"That wasn't underwear that your mother bought for you, is it?" You ask her.

Helena sighs. "No. The stuff you make me wear is too uncomfortable."

You hold out your hand. "Give them to me."

She looks at you defiantly. "I'll give them to you after you leave and I change into the lame stuff Mom buys for me."

You let a little anger into your voice. "The underwear. Now, young lady."

Helena sighs again and her shoulders slump. She gets off of the bed, then carefully reaches under her skirt and slides off the underwear, stepping out of it. She takes a step towards you, and hands the offending panties to you. They're black and soft and much smaller than you would have liked to see your daughters wearing.

"There." Helena glares at you. "Anything else then, father dearest?" Her voice drips with sarcasm.

Do you:

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