Talk to Callie

From Create Your Own Story

You silently walk over to Callie and observe that she's got a naughty magazine hidden inside her Bible. She's looking at pictures of naked couples in various sexual positions.

"Hello, sis."

Callie gasps as she realizes she's been caught. "Um... uh... hello?"

You sit down next to her and put an arm around her. "I didn't realize you were, ah, interested in this subject."

Callie blushes. "I..."

Her voice stops. You gently remove the magazine and Bible from her hands, putting the magazine out of sight and the Bible on the end table. You settle yourself next to her again. "It's all right, Callie," you murmur. "It's perfectly normal to have hormones flooding your system at your age." You place your hand on her thigh as you wrap one arm around her. "Just relax and let me help you. That's what big brothers are for, after all. They help out their sisters when needed."

Callie's voice is a shaky whisper. "You... won't tell Mom about the magazine?"

"Absolutely not!" you reply in a low, firm tone. "You have needs, Callie. It's a perfectly natural thing. Now close your eyes and let me help you."

Callie dutifully closes her eyes. "How will you help?"

You remove her clothes, then your own, and lie her on the bed. "No more words," you husk. "Just relax and enjoy."

"Did you... just strip me?" she asks.

"Yes," you tell her. "Now, let me resolve your needs."

Callie falls quiet.

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