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Susan always was the one in charge of the family. Neither of the parents of the three sisters (Susan, Peyton, and Linda) really cared for their kids anymore than they had to, so naturally, Susan stepped up as the oldest and took charge. Now, Susan hosts the family festivities and organizes nearly all of it. Though she is happy that she divorced Mike's father, she hasn't been able to find another man and has become very lonely.


Height 5'10"

Weight 140 lbs.

Age 40

Hair color Brown

Eye color Brown

Cup size 36DDD

Favorite position Missionary

Susan is fairly tall, and has long and straight brown hair. Her best feature is her plump ass, with thick thighs to match. Her boobs are quite large, as her ex-husband convinced her to get a boobjob. Sexually, she is pretty old fashioned, as she has had barely any experience with oral, and none at all with anal; she mostly enjoys slow fucking in the missionary position.

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