Strip for him

From Create Your Own Story

You smile seductively as you push Will on a chair. "Stay right there you big boy," you say softly. You circle the chair he's sitting down on and nibble on his ear. You sway your hips back and forth as you unfasten your tight dress. "Ooooo, baby," he shouts, adding a whistle. You turn your head around to see him while putting your index finger up to your lips. You turn back around and take the dress completely off. Your wearing a lacy black bra and a lacy black thong to match. You have stilettos on and black lacy stockings. You bend down, emphasizing your ass as you throw your dress to the side. You turn around to face Will and walk towards him. You sit on his lap as you grind your tight ass on his huge bulge. You put your head on his shoulder and moan in his ear, causing his bulge to be bigger. You get off of him and sit on the bed you slowly take each heel off and play with the lace stockings before taking them off as well. Now all you have on is a thong and bra. You get off of the bed and slowly unclasp the bra, taking the straps off, and letting it fall to the floor. You start to massage your massive hooters while groaning and saying "Will." You shake your tits in his face and pull them back as soon as he tries to touch them. You turn around and take off your last piece of clothing. You rub your clit before turning around to let Will see your aroused pussy. You get down on your hands and knees while holding your butt up. "Do me doggy-style," you moan. In no time Will gets on the floor while he rips his pants and underwear off. His veiny dick is throbbing as he slides it easily into your cunt. He holds onto your ass cheeks, slamming his cock in and then out. Once he started to get a fast rhythm you began to follow his lead. You both moan as his meat touches every inch in your pussy. Will grunts very loudly before shoving is meat stick all the way into your hole. The thought of having sperm in you makes you groan before your pussy clamping hard onto Will's dick. Your back arches as you pant while screaming Will's name before the two of you collapsed. Your eyelids were ready to shut, but the thought of you blowing Will makes you horny again.

Health Horny Equipment:

Pirate Ship

MP #
Level #1
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