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You fly over to the Stample's house, looking inside it's inhabitants. Each person has a distinctive personality or sex preference. This family goes on plenty of outings, plenty of time for you you seriously cause some Chaos. It's good to be bad for good. Yeah, that makes sense.

Tony, dad, 40 years old. Tony enjoys fucking younger girls with smaller bodies. He is handsome with only slight fat appearing at his edges recently as well as some gray hairs.

River, mom, 38 years old. River enjoys fucking younger guys. Melody is a true MILF. She shows little signs of her age other than her ample ass and big tits.

Ron, eldest son, 20 years old. Ron is attending college currently and is surrounded by beautiful students and some fine teachers. Ron is a handsome young man, strong and powerful.

John, youngest son, 15 years old. John is a somewhat shy young man. He is awkward around girls, despite his naturally strong body, handsome face, and charm. He has never had a girlfriend or kissed a girl, yet you can tell that he imagines it.

Melody, daughter, 18 years old. Melody is bold and adventurous. She has had plenty of sex, and takers are never absent die to her DD tits and tight butt, which she shows off by wearing yoga pants. She has moved past the initial sex curiosity and now want to take up some kinkier things. She currently is interested in threesome and bondage.

You possess:






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