Stalker-make sure Jenny gets in her house safely

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You decide the best idea would be to drop Jenny off at her house. You have never seen Jenny's boyfriend, and as far as you know he could be the size of Arnold Schwarzenegger and he could brake you in two with his hands. You head to her house, sitting in silence. A few minutes go by before Jenny speaks again.

"You know, Robbie, alcohol makes me really horny. You probably knew that didn't you, that's why got me drunk, isn't it?" Jenny manages to get out between giggles.

"No! No, o... of course not," you stammer.

As if to prove her point, she suddenly reaches down and slips down her skirt to her knees. The suddenness of Jenny's actions and the sight of her in just her panties makes you gasp in surprise. She gives you a smile and slips her hand into her panties. As soon as her fingers touch her outer lips she moans loudly. You can only try your best to keep your eyes on the road while you drive. Her moans have drowned out the radio and when you reach a red light, you eagerly stop and take in the sight next to you.

Jenny now has her fingers shoved into her pussy and she is pumping them in and out. Just how fingers she has inside of her, you cannot tell because she is still wearing her panties. A horn blaring behind snaps you back to reality and you notice the light has now turned green. You arrive at Jenny's house moments later and Jenny takes her hand out of her panties and shoves them into her mouth to suck them clean. She pulls up her skirt as you step out of the car. You walk to the passenger side and help Jenny out of the car and into her house. She walks into her house as you stand in the doorway. She suddenly turns around and gives you a puzzled look.

"Are you coming?" she asks.

Do you:

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