Something comes out of the turbolift

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Dax immediately lowered her head when something came out of the turbolift because of an unusually bright light. Jadzia looked to her surprise at a cloud of golden bright sparks springing up. It was a phenomenon that she had never experienced. She was paralyzed with surprise and stared at the glowing cloud.

When she had finally was able to think normally, she investigated the cloud with her tricorder, she realized that it was not an accidental phenomenon or lifeless. It had to be intelligent, at least partially because it came onto Dax at high speed when she moved. Jadzia tried to press her com badge but she was already wrapped in the golden cloud.

At first, Dax didn't feel anything when she was in the middle of the cloud of golden sparks but suddenly, the cloud pulled together on her. At once, Dax felt hundreds of pin pricks everywhere on her skin with her uniform seemingly blocking it. Dax moaned as the pricks were more intense and painful.

Suddenly, Dax noticed two other things.

Her uniform began to disintegrate and a thin stream of golden sparks began going through her mouth and nose.

Also, all of a sudden, she could not move. Helplessly, she had to endure the countless pinpricks on her skin. When she did not try to move, it seemed more tolerable.

More and more of her uniform disintegrated into dust. After a good few minutes, Dax stood completely naked in the corridor, only the soles of her boots were still under her feet.

Then the constant sting subsided from her skin. The remaining sparks of the cloud poured into her mouth. When the last one vanished, she was standing around motionless and waited for what would happen next.

She suddenly felt a painful sting in her brain, then it started to rustle in her ears. Then suddenly the noise disappeared and she heard a voice. The voice was feminine and sounded nice, but what it said frightened Dax.

"Humanoid Test Subject: Jadzia Dax. Completed the acquisition and adaptation of the body successfully, Lubiax. Jadzia Dax will now obey the direct command of Lubiax and execute it's instructions. Violation will be punished. In individual cases, Lubiax will assume complete control of the test subject. Test subject Jadzia Dax will obey."

"Test subject Jadzia Dax will use her body to go to the turbolift and go to the lowest level, room 37A. There you will undergo the first test. Execute."

Dax could move again, however, it did not give her any relief, she was not able to do anything besides what "Lubiax" commanded. She walked to the still-open turbolift and ordered a ride to the lowest level.

When the doors opened again, she saw a moderately-lit, bare, cold corridor. The curvature of the walls was great because the part of the station has a small diameter. Dax saw a door labeled 34A in front of her. So she went down the corridor to the right until she stood in front of 37A.

She was cold, not just because she was completely naked but also because this part of the station was barely heated.

She pushed on the enter button and walked through the door where the deepest darkness reigned. Dax could clearly hear the door close and lock.

Suddenly, a ceiling light flashed onto her and Dax saw that she was in some sort of small storage room, but she was not alone.

What is she to do?

Equipment Nothing
Location Room 37A
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