Sit on the vibrating machines and finger yourself.

From Create Your Own Story

You are always happy to help horny men, so you jump on a vibrating machine. You postion yourself so your clit is rubbing on the machine, but so that the muscular man can see your wet pussy. You start humping the machine while inserting to fingers into your twat. You moan loudly as you pump the fingers back and forth into your sweet hole, lightly brushing against your G-spot. You spot the man jacking off to your naked body which makes you more turned on. You decide to stop teasing yourself and roughly touch your G-spot with your fingers. Your back arches as you cum and squirt all over the machibe. Your met by a big load of sperm all over your tits and face. You get off the washer, get your clothes, and go to your apartment. As you walk to go take shower, you hear a grunt and your name being called. You:

Health Horny Equipment:

Your Apartment

MP #
Level #1
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