Silent Hill: Distorted Fantasies

From Create Your Own Story

You awake in your dorm room after a night of studying. The big test is tomorrow and you've been procrastinating for weeks. You hobble over to the desk in the corner of the small room and gaze over the open books scattered over the tabletop. Your laptop is open and you decide to check your e-mails. The computer asks for your password and you type it in, "Roy Bellings." Perhaps not the smartest move to use your name as your password, but it suffices. You open your e-mail and see nothing out of the ordinary. Your mind immediately drifts to Elizabeth Martin, the girl four dorms down. You have had a crush on her as long as you can remember, but she doesn't even know who you are. You sit alone in your dorm, doing nothing, letting the thought of her drive you insane until you make up your mind to do something.

Do you:

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