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Welcome to Remember! What are the main goals of this story?

1. To find out about yourself

2. Escape

Why do you have to find out about yourself? What do you have to escape from? Well that all will be answered when you start to read through this story.

Before We Begin

WARNING: Some pages include coarse language. Some pages are also a bit disgusting.

Some rules:

  • Don't add any pages without my permission
  • Have some ideas to make this story more exciting? Just message me and i'll see if it is worthy, then either you can type it up, or i'll do it myself.
  • If you do find any major problems with my story, please just message me and I should shortly check up on it and fix the error.
  • Have fun!

-- Heyoeveryone, the original author of this story.

Chapter Selection Area

This story has been separated into different chapters. As of now, there are only two chapters (or acts). I did this so that it is much easier for the readers (you) to access the area in which you left. If you really want to be exact in what page you want to go to, just click the category page at the bottom.

  • Chapter 1 -- Starts from the beginning till 'R: Try to Remember who you are'
  • Chapter 2 -- Starts from 'R: Hear your girlfriends reasons'
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