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As you begin reading you quickly realize your sister is far more rebellious than your parents could possibly imagine. She talks about experimenting with marijuana, making out with her girlfriend Raven and giving her friend Kevin blowjobs in exchange for money. You are deeply entranced with your sisters diary you only realize you are not alone when her door opens.

"What are you doing?" she shrieks

You motion for her to keep her voice down "Unless you want mom and dad to see this, keep it quiet"

She clearly understands, but continues to scold you in a lower voice "What are you doing? You have no right--"

"I can tell you what I am not doing." You interrupt your sister "I am not smoking pot, I'm not making out with Raven, though that would be great, she's hot as hell you know. I'm certainly not getting blowjobs from you like Kevin"

Helena is not quiet as naive as your other sisters "What do you want? Money? I don't have any left."

"No money huh?" I replied "Well I guess we have to make some other arrangements then, wont we?"

"Like what" She starts to look unnerved at my grin

How do I proceed:

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