Play pool with the redhead.

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You walk towards the pool table on the left side of the bar. You grab a cue stick and smile while biting your lip. "May I play?" you ask, sounding as innocent as a schoolgirl. He smirks before nodding. "Why don't you break?" he asks. "Of course." You turn around to make sure he's right behind you. You aim and extend your ass waaay out until it touches the bulge in his pants. You grind against him a little bit before you aim for the cue ball before "missing." "Ooops, I guess I need to work on that," you whisper as you rub him a little more before moving away so he can play. "Err...I'll give you another chance," he says. "Ooh really," you think to yourself. Your plan was definitely working. You grind even harder against his bulge. You feel two big hands on your ass cheeks, pulling you closer to him. He nibbles on your neck before whispering, "Babe, I'm going to cum soon, so can I whip it out?" You answer by unziping his fly. His meat stick is about 8" on as thick as a big cucumber. He has soom bulging veins on the underside of his cock. You pull down your thong before stuffing it in his pocket and flip up your skirt. You immediately guide his dick in your glistening cunt, sending waves of pleasure through your hot body. He grunts loudly in response due to your tightness of your pussy. Those kegal exercises really did work. He slams in and out as you rub your clit roughly. "Mmmm," you purr in his ear before moving your other hand to play with his balls. While you play with his balls and rub your clit, you feel a finger slip into your asshole. "Oh fuck," you scream. You throw your head back and scream at the sky before having a loud climax. Your pussy holding on to his cock is to much for him as he shoots a load of cum into your hot cunt. His cum rolls down onto your soaked panties and skirt as you kiss the ginger and skip out the door. What to do:

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Level #1
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