Ocean Master/Cigarettes

From Create Your Own Story

I'll need some tobacco, you think as you grab a pack. Lighting one already, you grab your phone and call your friend Aaron.

After a few rings, you hear a familiar woman's voice say, "Hello?"

"Oh, hey, Angela," you say, without missing a beat. Angela is Aaron's girlfriend. You think she has been cheating on him, but he wouldn't listen and you don't want to be bringing it up. "Is Aaron there?"

"How come you always wanna talk to him and not me?" she asks playfully.

"Well, I know Aaron sucks at poker, but he doesn't wanna chicken out of a game," you reply back just as playfully. She giggles, then you hear a bit of God-knows-what until you hear a male voice.

"What was that about poker?" he challenges.

"Well," you say in a cocky tone. "I'm going on a cruise with the money you lost last week."

"No, really? I never would have guessed. You've only called me at least ten times about it."

"Whatever." You don't feel like arguing with him.

"Hey, Nicotine?" he asks. That's your nickname, since you love to light up a weed anywhere. (Not the drug, but a cigarette…)

"Yes, what is it?"

"Don't catch this terrible disease over there. It makes you an idiot. The called it…" he pauses dramatically.

"What is it?" you repeat. You gotta leave soon to be on time.

"…the Nicky Peterson virus!" he laughs as you shake your head and hang up.

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