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Nikki notices the glances you've been giving her at the campfire. She smiles and turns her head, pretending not to notice, even though it's pretty clear she is into you too. That's good, especially since the others pair of rapidly and disappear into the woods.

Nikki always looks beautiful, you think, but tonight, with her hair down loose about her back, and not much makeup, she's never looked better. Her gray eyes seem to glitter in the firelight. Her denim cut-offs and cropped, low-necked shirt do nothing to hide her wonderful figure: in fact, they emphasize it in a manner you approve of.

You stare into Nikki's eyes. You want her. You want her so badly...

"I've wanted you for a while now," Nikki says.

She smiles and then she lifts up her shirt over her head. You, excitedly, lift up yours.

Something wet sprays across your back. The fire crackles and hisses. You put down your shirt and quickly get up, panicked and confused.

"What is it?" Nikki asks. "What's wrong?"

Do you:

Slasher's Body Count:
Live:You (a guy who likes girls), Nikki, Tomas, Andrew, Chris, Jackie
Dead:No one... yet
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