My room, with me of course

From Create Your Own Story

"Oh yeah, forgot that I put us together this year!" you mother says. "I suppose I should ask if that's okay."

You think about all the people you could've ended up with, and you realize that your mom is probably the best one. She isn't a complete bore like Becky, she isn't a borderline alcoholic like the twins, and she is still very pleasant to admire.

"Yeah that's totally cool," you say, "as long as you don't mind it if I bring a girl home."

"Very funny. I know my son wouldn't do something so naughty in front of his own mother, though." She winks at you.

"Heh heh, uhh yeah," you manage to stammer, "well, I'm gonna go grab my stuff..."

"Okay have fun," your mother says.

Wow. That was weird. Did your mom just flirt with you? That couldn't have been your imagination, so you just had to book it out of there.

Move your stuff to mom's room

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