Lie down on Callie's bed with her resting her head on your chest and cuddle her

From Create Your Own Story

"What's the hurry?" you grin. "Let's just rest for a bit."

Callie smiles. "Okay." You lie down and she nestles against you with her head on your chest. You both close your eyes...


You blink your eyes open. Your mother, Goth sister Helena and youngest sister Katie are standing in the room looking at you and Callie.

"Hi," you respond. Callie forces herself awake and yawns.

"Um... why are you two sleeping on the same bed?" Katie asks.

"I was helping Callie with an issue she was having, and we both got tired," you inform her. "So rather than move, we just fell asleep right where we were."

Your mom smiles. "What a nice brother. Anyway, dinner's ready. And don't forget, I'm taking these two to the party tomorrow, so it's just you two. Don't let anything bad happen to Callie, son."

"Oh, I'll make sure of it," you assert.

"OK, we're going now," your mom announces. "Be safe."

As soon as the door closes, Callie whispers, "Can we do what we did yesterday?"

You nod enthusiastically.

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